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Female Twitter User Suggests Joker Should Be A Woman And Men Feel Attacked




  • Todd Phillips’ Joker had everyone in awe as it finally hit theaters.
  • The film has led to several debates among fans and even threatened security in some cinemas.
  • Meanwhile, a female Twitter user has stirred a different kind of debate when she said that “Joker should have been a woman.”

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. has released what will be its highest-grossing movie of the year, Joker. The film showed a different approach to the Clown Prince of Crime, showing how he came to be – as a result of all the struggles he had to cope with the cruelty of society to those suffering from mental health issues.

Since the film is an entirely different take on Batman’s mortal enemy, people were on the edge of their seats. In addition to this sudden fuss on Joaquin Phoenix’s magnificent portrayal of the role, local authorities have stepped up in select areas and cinemas because of a shooting threat that rooted in the shooting incident that happened during 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO.

So far the screenings have been peaceful, if not full of Joker laughs and cries.

However, a controversial tweet opened an entirely different kind of debate that involves the title character. Geraldine DeRuiter, a famous author and traveler, has posted a thought on Twitter that really shocked and, probably offended a flock of men.

DeRuiter, who goes by the handle @everywhereist, said that “Joker should have been a woman.” And she didn’t stop there.

She even stated why the Joker should be portrayed by a woman and it goes, “[S]he finally went insane because too many random dudes told her to smile, so now she perpetually smiles while terrorizing Gotham.”

The tweet dates back in June, so technically it was posted way before the film was released. But it went viral again after a majority of the fans already saw the movie. While some Twitter users laughed at the half-meant joke, some of the boys really took it badly and they retaliated.

The thread is a wonderland when you browse it. However, some commenters just don’t get it by saying how someone would go “insane because of people telling her to smile and be happy.” That totally missed the point. But women on the thread automatically jumped on DeRuiters rescue and helped her womansplain to these attacked-men what it was really about.

One response, in particular, went:

We wouldn’t want this tweet (nor this article) to be a point of another division between men and women, but it’s a nice reflection of how women feel in the society and when shared, how men react to it.

Kind of like the point the movie was trying to make, isn’t it?

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