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Joker Is 2019’s Best Movie, Says IMDb




  • The fans have spoken – movie database IMDb has confirmed that Warner Bros’ Joker is the best movie of 2019.
  • The film, which stars actor Joaquin Phoenix is a story about Arthur Fleck, a comedian who suffers from mental illness, and how he later becomes the comicbook villain.

Here’s a quick question for the movie fans out there: which film do you think is 2019’s best? That’s a tough one, right? Because yes, we all know 2019 has been a great year for movies.

According to IMDb, however, the year’s best cinematic release is definitely the Joker. Directed by Todd Philips, the Warner Bros blockbuster comes out on top as the best 2019 film, defeating several Marvel and Disney movies.

Joker is the best movie of 2019, says IMDb.

The psychological drama stars Joaquin Phoenix as the title character. Numerous fans and critics alike have praised the actor for his superb performance as DC’s Clown Prince of Crime. And now awards nominations are starting to pop up left and right.

Some movie buffs have tagged the film as “darker than the Dark Knight.”

In the movie, Phoenix portrays Arthur Fleck, a “failed comedian” who is “forever alone in the crowd,” the synopsis described. The story digs deep into the troubles faced by those struggling with mental health issues.

It’s also the biggest R-rated movie of all time.

Moreover, Joker is also the first R-rated film to earn over $1 billion in the box office after stealing the crown from Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

It’s no wonder fan are already clamoring for a sequel, although Todd Philips have repeatedly denied rumors that one is already in the works. The director said that, so far, they have not had “any serious conversations about it” yet.

Other movies included in IMDb’s list are Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (#2), Avengers: Endgame (#3), Captain Marvel (#4) IT Chapter Two (#5), The Lion King (#6), Spider-Man: Far From Home (#7), Alita: Battle Angel (#8), Aladdin (#9), and US (#10).

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