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Twitch Streamers Are Earning $50,000 Per Hour For Playing New Online Games

Whoever tells you there’s no money in gaming is wrong!


Remember how some adults used to say videogames are a waste of time back when we were young? Well they’re absolutely wrong!

Take it from this Wall Street Journal report that tells us some popular streamers on Twitch are actually making $50,000 per hour streaming new video games. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, some insiders in the industry are even claiming the figure was not even the biggest they’ve seen so far.

So yes, you get the picture: we’re talking about some serious money here.

In a Kotaku article, Online Performers Group CEO Omeed Dariani shared:

“We’ve seen offers well over $50K an hour, as well as many six- and seven-figure deals for longer-term engagements.

“I can’t share specific companies, as the payment terms are usually confidential. We had one offer from a AAA publisher that was $60K per hour for two hours. The broadcaster declined it—and the publisher came back with a ‘blank check’ offer, which was still declined.”

The group represents top Twitch streamers such as Cohh Carnage and Professor Broman.

Moreover, Dariani explained:

“Bigger audiences (typically anything over 5,000 viewers) tend to be younger and have lower engagement, so you can’t just say something like ‘1 viewer for 1 hour = $1.’ Not all streamers (and their viewers) generate the same results.”

Electronic Arts’ shooting game Apex Legends became the no.1 Twitch game after major streamers played it online.

The company’s stock likewise increased almost 10% as a result.

Gamesight CEO Adam Lieb pointed out:

“Your game being top on Twitch is worth a lot now.

“They (Electronic Arts) could have spent on ads on Twitch or IGN and it would not have made as big of an impact.”

Meanwhile, a Reuters report tells us that gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins allegedly earned $1 million from Electronic Arts for playing and tweeting about Apex Legends.

Livestreamers are definitely great influencers in the gaming world.

This is mainly because their words “feel more authentic than traditional ads to fans, who trust their favorite streamers to give their honest, candid opinion,” wrote Kotaku.


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