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Airline Introduces New Feature So You Can Avoid Screaming Babies On Your Flight




  • Japan Airlines has introduced a new feature where people can see where babies are seated during a flight.
  • The feature allows the user to choose seats furthest from the child.
  • People are now hoping that the feature will be introduced in other airlines.

Babies can be adorable but not when they are crying and screaming in a plane on a long flight. Luckily, one airline has figured out the best way for you to enjoy your trip. The airline has introduced a new feature so you can avoid sitting next to a baby when you book your flight.

Twitter user @dequinix posted about the new feature on Japan Airlines’ website that shows the flight’s seating map. Interestingly, it shows where babies are seated, allowing the user to choose a seat furthest away from the child.

It’s an awesome feature that Westerners immediately adored. However, the feature may have been introduced by Japan Airlines for a completely different reason.

Heloisa Flores of the Airborne Memes for Flight-Oriented Teens group on Facebook explained that the feature actually benefits Japanese passengers. She reasoned that most passengers who fly on a regular basis are businessmen who would prefer to have peace and quiet during their flight. .

Flores, who is based in Fukuoka, Japan, explained that there are hundreds of flights every day, most of which transport workers across the country. She also pointed out that Japanese culture chooses to respect these workers who are getting ready to work for several hours or are exhausted from their job. The seating map would be convenient for these workers so they can relax during their flight instead of dealing with a screaming baby.

For now, the feature appears to be exclusive to Japan Airlines and other Japanese airlines. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it is adopted by other airlines around the world.

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