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Mom Uses Her ‘Personal Massager’ To Ease Her Baby’s Chest Congestion





Mothers will always welcome lifehacks that can make life easier for them. After all, they can help them keep their sanity amidst the chaos in parenthood. So when a mom discovered a way to relieve congestion in babies, the Internet went crazy – not just because it was a brilliant hack but because of the item used.

A birth coach has revealed a tip from one of her mom clients, who managed to provide relief to baby’s congestion – and that’s with the use of a vibrator. Crystal Snider, owner of Facebook page, Melons and Cuties, took to the social media to share how the adult toy can be used as a remedy for respiratory issues.

You could imagine how the demand for vibrators skyrocketed after this.

Snider shared her helpful mom tips on her page but nothing was as popular as the one about this vibrator hack. “Our customer shares her remedy for chest congestion!! Use on baby’s back while sitting in a steamy bathroom. Brilliant!!!” the post stated. After posting the tip, it racked 16,500 shares and had over 2.5 million views in just a few days.

Naturally, the genius lifehack received praise from moms all over the world, and at the same time, was criticized since it is a taboo topic. However, Snider said that it shouldn’t have to be the case because using a vibrator in that sense has nothing to do with sexuality. It is definitely a unique piece of advice for parents but one that’s not new.

The childbirth educator said that this method of chest congestion relief in babies has been used for years. In fact, she had clients who revealed they had been released from the hospital and given vibrators to treat cardiac issues in kids and to keep their lungs clear. But then, “who’s going to announce they’ve been sent home with a vibrator?” Snider said.

Apparently, a dildo can be used in different ways – not just for the obvious reason.

Since Snider shared the tip, her post has received comments from moms pitching in their own tips on how to use vibrators for other purposes. This adult pleasure toy can also be used for clogged milk ducts in breastfeeding women. It has also healed a mother’s mastitis, or inflammation of breast tissues, she revealed.

Not only that, but vibrators can also be used as stress relievers (not in that way) as well as relief for sciatica. Meanwhile, funny comments have also made their way to the post – as expected. “I bet the baby and the vibrator already met before this,” one person commented. “Hell just put one under your boob while you breastfeed and your baby can have a milkshake….. LMAO” another one joked. “I mean they both came out of the same v*gina. Why not” and another one wrote.

Funny comments aside, a lot of moms really thought this was a genius hack that works. Just because she shared the tip, Snider reminded everyone that she’s not endorsing the product. And for those who are thinking about getting a vibrator for this purpose, here’s what Snider has to say:

“You would need it to have a little power in it but certainly on a lower setting for a baby than what you would use on yourself.”

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