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Transgender Woman Stored Her Sperm So She Can Father Her Own Children Someday

“I think it is incredible to know I can still have a baby that is half my DNA.”


For most transgenders, having the body and gender they want is more than enough, the pinnacle of their desires. But for Lea Membrey, this is not the end of it. The 20-year old from Auckland, New Zealand went to a sperm bank three times to store her own (this was done before she transitioned) so that she can father her own child when it becomes possible to have biological children of her own!

Lea started transitioning in July 2015 after feeling “disconnected” from her original male body. She has felt like that ever since she was a boy. She has been bullied and abused during her school years for being gay, a label that she’s not really comfortable with.

It was when she met other transgender women that she became serious with transitioning.

She has already spent thousands of dollars for procedures such as breast implants, botox, lip fillers, and laser hair removal.

Lea shared:

“Although I don’t want children anytime soon I do want them to be naturally mine. I think it is incredible to know I can still have a baby that is half my DNA.

“I had to bank the sperm before I started intensive hormone treatments because once you begin that your male organs eventually stop working altogether.

“Now, nearly two years after I started the hormones, my testosterone is undetectable – I’m at the same level as a biological woman.”

Lea plans to have full gender reassignment surgery in the future, but right now she is focused on altering her outside appearance so that she will be regarded as female.

She recalls her experience with breast augmentation.

“Getting a boob job about a year ago was an absolutely amazing experience.”

“It never felt weird at all. It was all so natural to me to wake up the next morning and have breasts.”

“Being able to show them off and have some great cleavage gave me that boost of confidence I needed to keep going on this journey.”

“I love being able to look at myself in the mirror when I’m naked and not seeing a man’s flat chest. It’s very empowering to have this feminine thing on my body.”

She added:

“I do see myself getting the full surgery but that’s not a priority for me right now.”

“What’s most important for me is being able go outside today and wholeheartedly be seen as a female.”

Lea further admitted:

“I get a lot of people saying to me ‘you shouldn’t have got your boob job, you should have got the sex change surgery first’ but I feel like my boob job has made people see me as a female.

“I’d rather go out of the house and look really natural and be happy knowing that I’m 100 per cent female.”

Lea is now very happy after starting her transition phase and couldn’t believe she waited long before doing it.

She concluded:

“My life is actually liveable now and I don’t have to deny who I am anymore.

“I am who I am supposed to be and I could never go back to being male.

“You have to embrace your true self because at the end of the day, it’s your life and your happiness.”


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