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LGBT Icon ‘Gaysper, The Friendly Gay Ghost’ Now Immortalized on Social Media





The internet abounds with lines that say “a star is born” every time a new idol rises out of nowhere. In this particular story, however, Swedish psychologist and Florida State University Professor of Psychology K. Anders Ericson proved that stars are made indeed. If you are in doubt, just look at Gaysper.

Regardless of everyone’s opinion whether or not a star is born or made, a new icon has definitely risen, courtesy of a far-right political group in an attempt to speak out regarding LGBT activism.


Gaysper started after a right wing political party known as Vox tweeted what seemed like a battle against immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage, Islam, and homosexuality – hence, the little rainbow ghost.


Named after Casper, Gaysper was reclaimed from the Spanish far-right party by the LGBTQ community as a symbol of far-right resistance against Vox. Unfortunately for Vox, the smiling gay ghost attracted traction and became an instant celebrity.


In the tweet, Vox’s was symbolized by Aragorn of The Lord of the Rings facing off an army, not of orcs and whatnot, but of images symbolizing feminism, Marxism, anti-fascists, and other typically lefty ideologies.

For some reason, Vox chose to represent LGBT issues with an adorable, smiling rainbow ghost.


The Photoshopped image included an anarchist sign, feminist sign, a Catalonia flag, a communist symbol, and an El Pais logo (coined by a Spanish newspaper). To represent the LGBT community, a gay ghost emoji was used and it has since gained popularity.

As the image went viral, the LGBT+ community used memes to reclaim the symbol as an icon of resistance against the far-right party.


In fact, even Netflix Spain has taken an interest in Gaysper.


Gaysper has become so popular that he also gained some new friends.


In fact, several others members of the LGBTQ community took the suffix -sper and became Gaysper’s differently-colored ghost friends.

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