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Woman Admired After Giving Birth to Her Brother and His Partner’s Baby




  • Cloning, in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination are assisted reproductive technologies that have proven to be successful in recent years.
  • Chapelle Cooper of Cumbria had gone through one of these man-made processes to show her support for her brother’s relationship
  • As a result, Chapelle’s brother, Michael, and his partner Scott were blessed with the gift of parenthood

Twenty-seven-year-old Chapelle Cooper of Dalton, Cumbria, is now the proud owner of the title, “super-human” sister, at least to her brother, Michael Smith, and his fiance, Scott Stephenson. This mother from Cumbria had earned the label after giving birth to her brother’s and his fiance’s “most amazing little lady” on July 12, 15 days earlier than the baby’s expected birth date.


While it seemed so, Harper Elizabeth’s story is actually far from being simple. Her parents, Michael and Scott, started on the process of seeking parenthood through adoption. They learned about the complex and hard adoption process before considering surrogacy. Unfortunately, finding a surrogate is just as tough, because, apart from the expenses it entails, they need someone they can trust.

It was at this point when Chapelle, Michael’s sister and a mom to her own daughter, came into the picture. She heard the hardships of adoption and the couple’s concern about trusting someone else to play surrogate so she offered her womb to help Michael “become a father.” Her eggs were then fertilized with Scott’s sperm and her womb had housed the baby until it reached full-term, effectively solving all issues they had about having a baby.


At Harper Elizabeth’s birth, Michael and Scott were so elated that they released a statement about the auspicious event.

Michael also went on and shared that both he and Scott were control freaks. He said that while they were wary about interfering with the pregnancy, they were very protective.

“We weren’t going to be controlling about her diet and tell her what she could and couldn’t do, but we are control freaks by nature. We found ourselves really protective of her throughout the pregnancy,”

They also created a Facebook post where they praised Chapelle for being a “super-human” sister and for giving them their “perfect little bundle” – the newborn baby Harper Elizabeth.

The statement, which appeared on Facebook reads,

‘We are blown away by the strength, heart and courage of Chapelle and will never be able to truly thank her for bringing us our perfect little bundle. We love you more than you know!’

Now, Harper Elizabeth, Michael and Scott’s ‘most amazing little lady’, is set to live in Blackpool, and her biological mother, Chapelle, will be very visible as she takes on the role of an aunt.


Chapelle’s eagerness to help pushed her closer to both Michael and Scott that both parents agreed that Harper Elizabeth will be told about Chapelle and her kindness. He said:

“Who can say they’ve done that for somebody else? It’s the most selfless and amazing gift.”

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