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Islamic TV Station Gets Banned After Saying Gays Are “Worse Than Pigs”

One of the presenters said pigs are more “dignified” than gay men.

  • Islamic channel Peace TV has attracted public outrage after several of their programs condemned the LGBT people, calling homosexuality as “insane” and “influenced by Satan.”
  • The network is now facing possible sanctions from Ofcom, including losing their license.

An Islamic TV channel recently sparked outrage after airing a program that labeled homosexuality as crazy and satanic. Ironically called Peace TV, the channel based in Dubai is now in danger of losing its broadcasting license in the UK because of the controversy.

According to reports, the channel has actually aired not just one but four shows that violate Ofcom regulations regarding abuse, crime, and hate speech. For example, ‘Strengthening Your Family – the Valley of the Homosexuals’ described homosexuality as a “very unnatural type of love,” adding that it is “energized by the influence of Satan.”

Imam Qashin Khan, the presenter, even bashed regulations regarding gay rights protection and same gender marriage as “the most brash and insane laws.”

Moreover, Zaskir Naik, founder of Peace TV, also remarked that even pigs are more “dignified” than gay men.

He declared:

“Even an animal that is defiled by Islam, the pig – as nasty and corrupted and contaminated as a pig is – you never see two male pigs that are trying to have sex together. That’s insanity.”

Meanwhile, another program also mentioned that leaving the Islamic faith should be punishable by death and that marrying women under the age of 18 should be “no problem at all” despite existing laws.

Understandably, many have quickly condemned the channel’s controversial remarks. In fact, Ofcom is now studying about implementing sanctions.

One angry social media user commented:

“So much ignorance! Just what we need, more stupid in the world!”

Another wrote:

“Shut these bastards down now. How dare the backward thinking pricks be allowed air time?”

To the network’s defense, they claim that everything they said in their programs are based on the teachings of Islam.


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