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The World’s Best Aerial Photography: Top 20 Drone Photos of the Year

Drones have brought an extraordinary revolution in photography and shown here are the best images captured in 2017.

Drone photography is changing the way we view the world. The opportunity to see the world from above gives us a metamorphic experience where a circus suddenly looks like a box of sweets, a leafless tree transforms into a spider web, or a desert turns into a pastel painting. We rarely get the chance to turn our perspective upside down but the aerial photographers deliver us a whole feast of colors, texture and outstanding beauty we can never appreciate from down here.

The Dronestagram community is the perfect site online to see such artistic shots of landscapes. It probably holds the largest collection of aerial photos submitted by drone lovers worldwide. The site allows both professional and hobby photographers to share their captures in one place so others can see their works and get inspiration from them.

Drones are slowly taking over the world of photography and it is very easy to know why.

Source: pixabay

The days of DSLR camera photography is slowly passing by. While this flying equipment was initially utilized in a few selected industries like filmmaking or the military, the availability of more affordable and easy-to-use drones made conventionalists switch to aerial photography. In fact, drone makers are already equipping their products with top-quality cameras that can compete with DSLRs. What makes these cameras pretty special, though, is the bird’s eye perspective that makes landscapes look larger and longer without the need of building higher platforms. Also, their ability to have a closer look on the ground than a helicopter has been dubbed “revolutionary.”

This kind of adorable shot can never be possible with a DSLR or even the best smart phone camera, but with drones, it is.

Source: pixabay

Below are 2017’s top 20 drone images that have just been announced by the community.

#1. Unique friendships are formed where the sand meets the water.

#2. You will also see the beauty of diligence from another perspective.

Source: Helios1412
#3. The large polar bear Nanuk crossing between two pieces of sea glacier in Inuktitut.

#4. The rare moment you can swim with a whale on the same sea.

#5. The peace you get from living in isolation when the water rises.

Source: instagram
#6. The stairway to a new paradise can never be too long.

#7. How can a hidden world be this wonderful?

Source: facebook
#8. That perfect moment you crossed Route 66.

Source: Raf Willems
#9. A ride through the amazing combination of nature and human’s work.

Source: tominspires
#10. The salt fields of Bac Lieu looking like snow ball pastries lined on pans.

Source: Helios1412
#11. If you just look closely, the family is sailing on a lake rather than a cracked mud surface.

Source: instagram
#12. The scenic Tropical Island Beach of Dominican Republic.

#13. Beautiful picture of marigold harvest season.

#14. Escaping insanity to find serenity.

Source: Yannick68
#15. Iceland’s Gullfos Waterfalls boasting its double cascade.

Source: instagram
#16. Dubai skyscrapers from a different view.

Source: instagram
#17. Portuguese surfer braving the cold of February.

#18. Dawn captured from the Mercury Tower.

#19. Hippopotamus in Serengeti National Park.

Source: Yannick68
#20. We would all love to live in this Sveti Stefan Hotel in Montenegro.

Source: smakadron

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“In lots of my comics, I compare Chinese culture to western culture. Through comparison, we realize how differently we act in front of the same situation and how we tend to think in a certain way instead of another.

“In the end, every culture is ‘weird’ in its way, but it’s also the weirdness that makes it interesting.”

Check out the comics below along with some captions from the artist:

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