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Armless Man Throws an Impressive Ceremonial First Pitch at a Baseball Game





Most baseball fans dream of doing the honor of throwing the first pitch of a game someday. The ceremonial first pitch indicates “the end of the pregame festivities and the beginning of the game.”

It is an important role given to different notable and inspiring personalities and that includes some of the former presidents of the United States.

So during a recent Mariners-Giants game in the AT&T park in San Fransico, California, all eyes were on the honored guest—Tom Willis.

Tom Willis was born without arms, but he never let his condition get in the way of his dreams. He trained himself so he can use his feet to compensate for his disability. This inspiring man also started “Pitch for Awareness” to tell the world that people with disabilities also have exceptional abilities.

So that Monday night, Willis took his shoes off, stood on the mound, and threw the ball using his right foot!

Now watch hin throw that perfect strike!

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H/T: SFGlobe, Pitch For Awareness

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