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Horrifying Video Shows Toddler Drowning After Inflatable Ring Flips Upside Down





One warning you will always read on inflatable swimming toys is to never leave your children ‘unattended’ as they use it because apparently, things can get really, really bad. As you can see in the video below, a toddler in China was playing in a pool and things quickly took a horrific turn after the inflatable ring flips upside down.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the said incident happened at the Leyou Baobei swimming centre in Zhaoyuan City, located in the Shandong province.

In the clip, you will see the child playing in the pool unattended.

Suddenly the inflatable ring flipped upside down.

The child was upside down for more than a minute.

Watch the video:

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We do hope this would serve as a warning for parents everywhere.

General Safety Tips For Swimming Pool Toys

Meanwhile, the Toys Advice website shared five important safety reminders for inflatable swimming pool toys:

  1. Check the warning labels for inflatable safety instructions, and age recommendations.
  2. Always choose toys that suit the age and abilities of the child you are buying the toy for.
  3. Avoid small parts on toys intended for children who still chew everything in sight.
  4. Check how the toy is made before you buy it. If there are any attached parts they should be secured. Seams in inflatable toys also need to be tight.
  5. Check that any toys which contain sand or other materials don’t leak.
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