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Titanic Replica To Set Sail in 2022 Following Original Route

Would you ride Titanic II?

  • Blue Star Line’s Titanic II is expected to set sail in 2022.
  • The replica ship will have the same interiors as the original.
  • The company says the vessel will have “modern safety and navigation features, as well as detailed evacuation plans.”

A replica of the Titanic is currently being constructed and is expected to set sail come 2022. The new ship, called Titanic II, will give the public the opportunity to take the journey following the same route as the original.

Apparently, the maiden voyage will launch from China, where it is currently being constructed. The luxury ship will then head straight to Dubai and pick up passengers in Southampton, England, “following the original vessel’s 1912 route across the Atlantic to New York City,” according to a feature by MentalFloss.

Titanic II is reportedly bigger and safer.

Although Titanic II is a replica, it will hold more passengers compared with the original ship since it can accommodate 2,400 people, along with 900 crew members. It will also be 13 feet wider in order to meet modern regulations and incease its stability.

Furthermore, passengers “can rest easy knowing that the newer version is equipped with modern safety and navigation features, as well as detailed evacuation plans,” said the report.

Even the interiors are identical with the original ship.

As for its interiors, the Titanic II will have “the same cabin layout, public areas, swimming pool, Turkish baths, and grand staircase as the original ship.” Upon the vessel’s completion, it will have 9 floors and 840 cabins and passengers will get to choose from first, second, and third-class tickets.

Clive Palmer, the man behind the ambitious project, launched shipping firm Blue Star Line back in 2012. At the moment, the Titanic II is still a work in progress and estimates tell us that the ship will cost $500 million to build.

Originally, Titanic II was supposed to set sail in 2016 but financial difficulties pushed it back to 2018 and now to 2022.

Would you ride Titanic II?

In an interview with MSN, Palmer said that after making it to New York, Titanic II will “circumnavigate the globe, inspiring and enchanting people while attracting unrivaled attention, intrigue, and mystery in every port she visits.”


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