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16 Times Women Faked Their Profile Pictures to Look Beautiful





In this world where social media is a huge boost, almost everything is possible. We can easily exchange messages with our friends and loved ones. We have an avenue to share our own thoughts and suggestions. We can even let our circle of friends know what we are up to. Social media has certainly become a significant addition to our everyday lives.

Apparently, not everything you see on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among many others, are true. This is most especially with the case of profile pictures or display photos. And believe it or not, girls know the in and out of this feature. Interestingly, only few of them have the courage the post their real beauty.

Today, we compiled a list of profile pictures from girls who go against the flow. Their photos will make you believe that they really look like such, but in reality, it is the other way around. Well, without further ado, here they are!

#1. From hot to, well, not so hot.

Source: Duress56
#2. She still looks beautiful, but… but… but…

#3. The crown just added some twist.

Source: Imgur
#4. So, you really think she looks like Emma Stone?

Source: Imgur
#5. Be very careful with profile pictures like this.

Source: kissedbyken
#6. Wait, what?

Source: CarolBrady
#7. This probably sums up this compilation.

Source: NoWayGirl
#8. The main culprit here is the makeup.

Source: VK
#9. Wait, is she not meme-worthy?

Source: Reddit
#10. And all of sudden this happened.

Source: VK
#11. Did you just said I am sexy?

#12. Reality hurts, man.

Source: Reddit
#13. Yup, it totally hurts!

Source: DailyLOL
#14. From cool to “hell no!”

Source: VK
#15. Seriously, she looks like a guy here.

Source: Pinterest
#16. Okay, let us take a photo from afar and we shall see.

Source: tomasrdz3

So, what do you think about these profile pictures from women around the world? Are you now convinced that they know their way to faking stuff? Nonetheless, we can all agree that they still look beautiful and stunning. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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