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Three Guys Stumble Upon A Massive 7-ft “Sea Monster” In River Severn

They initially thought it was a cow or something.

Mark Andrew





What’s up with monsters being caught by humans lately? Just a few days ago, we shared with you that story about construction workers in Brazil who found a huge 33-ft anaconda in a cave – and now we hear about this!

According to reports, a massive “sea monster” measuring 7 feet and weighing 150 pounds were found by three buddies in River Severn.

The three guys, namely Kevin Brady, Steve Burgess and Alec Foster, were on a paddle boarding excursion in the village of Minsterworth in Gloucestershire, England when they stumbled upon an unbelievably large creature.

Three paddle boarding buddies recently found a huge 7-ft “sea monster” in River Severn.


Source: Twitter

In an interview with Gloucestershire Echo, Brady shared:

“Steve spotted it on his jet ski and came to myself and Alec on our paddle boards.

“He was shouting ‘I’ve found a 7ft fish!’ We didn’t believe him, thinking it must be a cow or something.”

The “sea monster” was eventually identified as a bluefin tuna.

Still, marine biologists were left baffled about how the enormous sea creature even ended up hundreds of miles away from its natural habitat. Normally, a bluefin tuna would have been found in warm sea waters.

The WWF website tells us that bluefin tuna “are the largest tuna and can live up to 40 years.”


Source: WWF

The WWF website tells us:

“Bluefin are the largest tuna and can live up to 40 years. They migrate across oceans and can dive more than 4,000 feet. Bluefin tuna are made for speed: built like torpedoes, have retractable fins and their eyes are set flush to their body. They are tremendous predators from the moment they hatch, seeking out schools of fish like herring, mackerel and even eels. They hunt by sight and have the sharpest vision of any bony fish. There are three species of bluefin: Atlantic (the largest and most endangered), Pacific, and Southern. Most catches of the Atlantic bluefin tuna are taken from the Mediterranean Sea, which is the most important bluefin tuna fishery in the world.”

Over the years, however, bluefin tuna populations have “declined severely” because of overfishing and illegal fishing.


Source: WWF

Unfortunately, the fish is also under attack from various threats. The site explains:

“Bluefin tuna populations have declined severely from overfishing and illegal fishing over the past few decades –not just Atlantic bluefin tuna, but also Pacific bluefin tuna and Southern bluefin tuna. Population declines have been largely driven by the demand for this fish in high end sushi markets.”


Viral Video Shows Construction Workers Finding Scary 33-ft Anaconda In Brazil

I’d probably crap my pants if I see a snake this big!

Mark Andrew



A shocking footage made rounds on the internet recently, showing a group of construction workers in Brazil finding a gigantic anaconda in a cave.

The men were terrified with their unexpected discovery. Reports tell us that the massive serpent measured 33 feet in length and around 400 kilograms in weight. They say the monstrous creature was found after they did a controlled explosion in the Cave of Altamira in the northern state of Para, Brazil.

Construction workers in Brazil found a giant anaconda that measured 33 ft and weighed 400 kg.


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Shopkeeper Cat Has Run a Store for 9 Years with Zero Days Off!

This adorable ginger cat from Chinatown, New York has been dubbed the King of the Store!

Mich Escultura



Let's face it; working every single day can be tiring and tedious. Everyone needs a few days off to revitalize themselves, right? And especially if you were a cat - a creature known for their love of naps and lounging around - days off would met with a lot of enthusiasm!

But not for this Bobo the shopkeeper cat! He's been working non-stop for 9 years, and he's nowhere near retiring.

Bobo is ginger cat who is an employee in a store in Chinatown, New York. The owner found him one day and decided to give him a place to stay. This was 9 years ago, and Bobo has thanked his rescuer by working relentlessly in his store without a single day off! Now that's dedication!

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Dog With Brain Tumor Lives Long Enough To Attend Owner’s Wedding

This heartbreaking story of a dog with brain tumor will definitely give you the feels.




Dogs are man’s best friend in more ways than we can imagine. In fact, there are those who consider their tail-wagging pals more like a part of the family than a mere pet. Man and dog’s compatibility is immeasurable if only in terms of depth but unfortunately, dogs do not have the same life span as humans.

Charlie Bear is a black lab mix under the care of Kelly O’Connell. They met when he was only 12 weeks old and was brought to the animal shelter where Kelly was working while training to become a vet.

At the time, he was abandoned in a shopping cart at a nearby grocery store but was lucky enough to find Kelly. According to the pet owner, she wasn’t looking for a dog.

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