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This Bean Bag Onesie Allows You To Stay Seated Anytime, Anywhere





Few things are worse than standing in a lengthy line with no chance of sitting down. Or entering a room and awkwardly finding out that there aren’t any extra seats for you.

Interestingly, some people over at ThinkGeek thought about this problem and came up with a solution that we can only describe as borderline genius and ridiculous at the same time.

The “Bean Bag Onesie” is perfect for people who always want to stay seated.

In its official product description over at the ThinkGeek website, we read:

“Now you can sit wherever you want. It solves all of life’s most uncomfortable dilemmas.

“Getting your license renewed and don’t want to lose your place in line? Bean bag onesie.

“Crowded movie night at your friend’s place with no place to sit? Bean bag onesie.

“Worried about snagging limited seating at the park? Not anymore. Bean bag onesie.

“Don’t want to stand up to perform heart surgery? Actually… you might want to remain standing for that one. But you’ll look amazing in a bean bag onesie.”

“Rejoice! The struggle is finally over. Never stand when you can sit,” the product description reads.

The onesie eventually went viral online and as anyone can expect, netizens are divided in their opinions regarding the product. Some are praising it saying it is a brilliant idea while others are, quite understandably, just laughing it off.

Anyway, the ThinkGeek exclusive Bean Bag Onesie is priced at $89.99 and is available in Gumby Green. And those who are interested in getting the onesie in a different color (or different colors) may contact them.

Go check out their official website in case you want to get yourself one – or if you want to buy it as a gift or something.

You can also watch the video here to learn more:

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