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Little Island With Its Own Cloud Looks Like a Cupcake From Afar




  • Lítla Dímun is a tiny island which has its own cloud hovering above it, making it look like a fluffy, white majestic hat.
  • Farmers visit the location every fall to get the sheep and take them back to the main islands.
  • It is inaccessible to tourists, but they can see the view from its sister island.

Observing this little island from a distance, one can’t help but compare it to a cupcake. A fluffy white cloud drapes over it, very much like vapory blanket.

Lítla Dímun is the smallest of the 18 main islands of Faroe Islands, a North Atlantic archipelago that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The island may be tiny, but it has the capability to influence the atmosphere.

The lenticular cloud that hangs over it is commonly seen over protruding mountain landmasses, such as mountains.

The cloud is called as such because it is shaped like a lens. The cloud is formed when pockets of air drop to temperatures that are lower than the surrounding point.

The island without the cloud…

Lítla Dímun’s cloud hovers over it and sometimes spilling down over its land area, reaching out towards the sea.

The steep cliffs on the island…
The island is the only one among Faroe Islands’ main islands that is not inhabited by humans.

Farmers do visit the island to check on its main inhabitants, the sheep.

The island used to be ruled by short-tailed, black feral sheep, which were believed to be the descendants of those animals that were introduced to the area during the Neolithic era. However, these feral variety eventually became extinct, as the last of the creatures were shot during the 1800s.

Since then, Lítla Dímun became home to the domesticated sheep variety.

Farmers journey to Lítla Dímun each fall to tend to the animals and bring them back to nearby island of Suðuroy.

Roaming around the island is no walk in the park, though. Getting ashore is only possible during perfect weather. The island is made of steep cliffs and farmers use rope to scale them in order to tend to the sheep. They use large nets to lower the sheep to the ground, to be taken to the boats.

The view from a nearby island…

The island is inaccessible to tourists, but those who want to see its beauty can hike up its sister island, Stora Dimun, and check out the amazing views from the top.

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