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Guy Claims The Sentinelese Tribe Are So Hostile And Isolated Because Of This Weirdo

Their hostility towards outsiders is very, very well-founded.


The Sentinelese are the most isolated tribe in the world, and have captured the imagination of millions. They live on their own small forested island called North Sentinel, which is approximately the size of Manhattan. They continue to resist all contact with outsiders, attacking anyone who comes near. In 2018, the tribe killed John Allen Chau, a Christian missionary who went to the island in an attempt to convert them into Christianity.

The first glimpse of the Sentinelese was evidently in 1867, when Jeremiah Homfray, a keeper of the Andaman Homes, went to their island in pursuit of escaped convicts: ‘We saw some ten men on the beach, naked, long haired, and with bows and arrows, shooting fish.’ They hid on seeing the boat approach. The Great Andamanese on board were frightened of the men and told Homfray that they hailed from Little Andaman and were very fierce. He did not land.

There is much debate about the tribe’s ruthless ways, but there is one thing that may have been misunderstood about these people. The truth is, the natives have actually made contact with the outside world. Unfortunately, their experience has made them wary of outsiders.

Twitter use Respectable Lawyer posted a lengthy thread sharing the truth about the Sentinelese. In the post, it is revealed that the tribe’s first contact with an outsider was through Maurice Vidal Portman. Unfortunately, the encounter with the British naval officer during the 1880s had a devastating effect on the natives.

The natives (not pictured) had a terrifying encounter with Portman in the 1880s.

According to the thread, “Portman was erotically obsessed with the Andamanese, and he indulged his passion for photography by kidnapping members of various tribes and posing them in mock-Greek homoerotic compositions.” By the time he reached the North Sentinel Island, the natives abandoned their homes to escape him. Unfortunately, he “located an elderly couple and a few children they were able to abduct.”

The elderly couple passed away after being captured by Portman. It is believed that they died because of diseases that they had no immunity. This meant that Portman focused his attention on the captive children.

The children were later released back to the tribe. Although they survived, their tales of horror undoubtedly made the Sentinelese wary of outsiders, hence leading to violence towards visitors.

Although they are believed to be uncontacted, their only direct contact with the outside world had made them extremely aggressive. The truth is, the natives may have welcomed visitors if they had only been treated well by Portman.

Despite all efforts to reach the Sentinelese, it has become obvious that these people are better left alone for their own survival. The tweet concludes with the sad truth about their views of the outside world.

“Their aggressiveness is not the mark of savagery. It just that their conception of outsiders is mostly framed by some foot-faced English pervert who murdered some old people and did weird things to their kids. So let’s do them a favor and leave them alone.”

Respectable Lawyer shared a video of the encounter:

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Even after all these years, it appears that paranoia and wariness remain the wisest options for these highly threatened people.


The Stone Age Tribe on this Isolated Island Kills All Visitors on Sight

There are still people in this world who have no idea that civilization exists.

Primitive living may be old and rustic but not with the new discoveries on this mysterious island where modernism has never set foot as far as 60 decades ago.

Despite the various voyages and discoveries that molded the entire history of humankind, the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean’s Bay of Bengal has proven that not all indigenous living has been able to completely adapt to the extreme evolution of culture and social living.

Behind the serene beauty of the vast body of virgin waters, an indigenous tribe lives on North Sentinel Island. Isolated from the outside world for the past 60,000 years, anybody who has tried to contact the Sentinelese people has been killed, or at least drawn a violent reaction from the community.

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Photos of Isolated Amazon Tribe Who Don’t Know Other People Exist Go Viral

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert was able to take high-resolution photos of an isolated tribe in one of Brazil’s protected rain forests.

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert had the remarkable opportunity to take photos of an uncontacted tribe somewhere in Brazil when his helicopter flight suddenly got diverted due to a storm. The photos are quite shocking because of the real and raw beauty of humankind.

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert was able to take high-resolution photos of an isolated tribe in one of Brazil’s protected rain forests.

The photos were taken in the state of Acre near the border of Peru. The small group of inhabitants show a tribe wearing plain clothes, body paint and with weapons. One tribesman even attempted to throw a spear towards the helicopter.

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The Lost World of St. Kilda, an Isolated Island Where People Survived by Eating Birds

4,000 years worth of “never retreat, never surrender.”

Somewhere off the west coast of Scotland is a tiny, remote island considered the most far-away portion of the British Isles. It is virtually uninhabitable; an island of jagged granite boulders, tall cliffs and a hostile climate. It’s called St. Kilda, and until the early 20th century, its hardy residents eked out a difficult existence, sustained mainly by eating birds.

The remote archipelago was inhabited for about 4,000 years. The only settlement, the Village Bay, was located on the largest island Hirta. The windswept island was unsuitable for farming but the islanders did grow a small amount of barley, oats, and potatoes. However, the strong winds and saltwater would usually damage the crops.

The wind blows so hard, that trees refused to grow on this island.

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Scientists Find ‘Bizarre Beasts’ Living in an Isolated Cave for 5 Million Years

These otherworldly species haven’t been exposed to sunlight in 5.5 million years!

The Movile Cave in Romania is just a few miles west of the Black Sea, and it’s been sealed up for about 5.5 million years. And as you can imagine, the inside of the cave and its inhabitants haven’t seen the light of day since human predecessors started walking upright!

The cave was discovered by humans back in 1986 when workers of the Socialist Republic of Romania were looking for a new place to build a nuclear power plant.

The cave was discovered by scientist Cristian Lacsu in an attempt to find a place to build a nuclear power plant.
The cave was discovered by scientist Cristian Lacsu in an attempt to find a place to build a nuclear power plant.

Of course, once they discovered the cave, they quickly realized that it’s not the best place for people to be working in. That’s why it’s been blocked off by authorities and is only accessible with special permission. And as a Tomb Raider-esque twist, the inside of the cave is naturally guarded by a series of vertical shafts and narrow limestone tunnels.

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Incredible Moment Isolated Tribe Meets White Man for The First Time

What an incredible encounter!



In 1976, filmmaker Jean-Pierre Dutilleux captured on video an isolated tribe’s first interaction with a white man.

Dutilleux, who was also the white man in the film, claims that the Toulambis, a tribe from Papua New Guinea which have never seen modern civilization or technology, allegedly made their first contact with the outside world in the footage.

The tribe, which reportedly remained untouched by the modern society, displayed a wide array of reactions such as fear,tension, fascination, and joy as they explore the unfamiliar.

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