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Thief Robs Wrong Convenience Store Where Everyone Was Armed

Talk about an epic fail!


This is a perfect demonstration of how guns could be used for both good and bad. In the viral video that you will see below, an armed man failed after attempting to rob a convenience store because of one huge mistake – the store he targeted was full of male customers who each had their own guns as well.

Well, talk about an epic robbery fail! Clearly, he didn’t see this coming – and he got exactly what he deserved.

These guys were at a convenience store when an armed robber suddenly busts into the place.

In the said footage, a man wearing a helmet suddenly busts into a convenience store while threatening everyone with a gun. Usually, this is the part where the cashier hands over the money from the cash register and then the robber quickly makes his escape.

The thief threatened everyone with a gun.

As you already know, that’s not what happened in this story since the lone armed robber ended up targeting a store filled with men who were each trained in handling firearms. So to make the long story short, he ended up learning his lesson the hard way. The brave guys managed to stop the criminal.

You can watch the video here:

In a Tribunist feature, we learn that the men seemed to “operate in a coordinated manner.”

As the article author pointed out,

“One man steps up, hands on his head. He’s clearly giving visual signs of compliance. When those hands go up, it shows the robber that he’s not a threat.

“But watch how he blocks for the others. He runs a bit of interference, and those arms above his head do even more to keep block the view of the man in the helmet. This allows the guys behind him to draw and fire unseen…

“There is no visible panic. In fact, it is just the opposite. They’re able to fake the outward signs of compliance well enough to fool the robber. Then their teamwork kicks into overdrive, and the threat is eliminated.”

Later on, the shooter runs off outside to check if the robber had an accomplice.

Now watch it from a different angle:

Our hats are off to these men who took quick action to stop a criminal in his tracks.

You guys are definitely heroes in our book!


Heartless Chinese Mother Abandons Her Baby In A Car Park

Why would any parent ever do this?

It’s always inspiring when we hear uplifting stories about awesome mothers who give their best efforts in raising their children right. For example, we’ve all been touched by the heartwarming tale of Zou Hongyan, a mother who decided to nurture her disabled son, despite the discouragement of doctors and even her own husband - who eventually left them. The result? Ding Ding, the boy, is now a Harvard law student.

On the other hand, it’s always disheartening when we learn about horrific accounts of bad parents such as this mother in the story below.

Caught in a CCTV footage, we see the heartbreaking moment when a Chinese woman suddenly abandoned her child in a car park.

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Intense Footage Shows Russian Dad Throwing Babies From 5th Floor of Burning Apartment

Talk about taking a leap of faith!

Taken in the town of Strunino, Moscow, the video you will see below shows that intense moment when a young Russian family was left without a choice but to throw their children and jump off from the 5th floor of a burning apartment.

Talk about literally taking a leap of faith! The footage shows a group of about twenty bystanders gathering below the building to catch the family using a blanket to cushion their fall. Fortunately, everyone of them were saved, although the father sustained an injury.

11-month-old Zhenyu, who has a heart disease, was the first one to be thrown from the fiery structure.

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21 Before and After Photos That Show Insane Photoshopping Sorcery

Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

In this age of social media, looks can be very deceiving. It's easy to look nothing like your real self when posting photos on social media platforms, like Instagram in particular. The app features different filters that alter the contrast and color balance to make your face Instagram-worthy. Most of the time, users manage to look good in their body shots by mastering the art of getting good angles.

But for one Weibo netizen, Kanahoooo, looking perfect for social media can be achieved through insane Photoshopping skills. Somehow, Kanahoooo's work is clearly shocking that the girls on the Before photos do not resemble the girls in After photos -- except maybe for the dress and the background. But if you know nothing and you happen to see the photos, you'll surely be deceived by these Chinese girls.

#1. Weibo user Kanahoooo is famous in the Chinese social network.

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