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Photos of “Rich Kids of London” Will Make You Hate Them or Want to Be Them!





We have featured some Instagram accounts before that highlight the lavish lifestyles of the new generation. There is Rich Kids of Instagram, and also the Narco Kids of Mexico. The newest Instagram account to get the world’s attention is called Rich Kids of London. Just like the other IG accounts devoted to show off how rich kids live their life in luxuries, Rich Kids of London are all about wealth too, and not to mention some very witty captions!

The account has only been active for just a few weeks but it has gathered more than 82,000 followers! They also have a snapchat account and a Facebook page too. Here are a few of their posts that got the world exclaiming like bloody hell!

Money as tissue paper? Do they use it to wipe their rich bummies too?

We want pocket money too dad!


Peasants… peasants ewerywhere!

Mingling with the “peasants”? Not a problem! Wittingly captioned: When a peasant touches your shoes! ?

And if you hate the “peasant” so much…

And if you are wondering what transportation they use to go to school…

Captioned: Never late because we fly in our private jet

Gold cars and personalized plates, that’s how rich kids ride in style

Can’t say who is prettier the Golden Bentley, or its owner!

Apparently they all have a thing for golden cars no? And of course designer brands

On a funny thought, the followers are “not at all” hating on the account and its posts even if their wealth is a massive affront to all of us commoners and our meager lifestyles. Some of the comments are downright hilarious, making fun of some rich kids of London. Call it jealousy, or humor, it’s up to you! 😛

@stez7: Wow its like the escorts handbag ✌️#areuproudofthis? #really???
@jake_wilson7498: Nice to see prostitution is paying well. Low prices attract lots of customers

@dembookquotes: Could be for the pound shop☺️xo

@clairesinclair70: Arse can still chew your pants even when mega rich ????
@ididntdothatmate: Ass so flat nothing there just bones ???

@heitorluiz: Hey, nice big nose, blondie!!
@gouldybobs: 404 ass not found

How about you, what do you think of this Insta craze? Sound off below and don’t forget to share this!

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