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The ‘One-Minute Time Machine’ May Be The Perfect Device To Fix All Your Dating Mistakes

Do you ever wish you could undo the mistakes you have committed one minute ago? Then this device may be perfect for you!


Do you ever wish you could go back in time and correct the mistakes you have committed? We are sure you do and for whatever reason, traveling back to the past would be pretty cool and for the most part, beneficial.

Some may wish to go back 10 or maybe 20 years in time but in this short film we found, the main character just wants to relinquish the moment that happened just a minute ago to correct the sloppy, senseless and lame pick-up lines he had just uttered in an attempt to score a date.

We think the idea is cool, just imagine being able to correct your mistakes right after it happened and bringing in a prompt solution to make life better. Ah! Sounds like an easy, breezy life! But watch through it as it gets funnier and more meaningful toward the end.

Watch the video here:

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Yes, it is pretty neat for us to go back in time but the moral of the video is, no matter what we do, how we react or how much we exert effort to make things right, we must remember that, as what Lady Macbeth once said, “What’s done is done.” All we could do is find a solution, forgive ourselves and move on. After all, that’s how life is to be lived.

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Pro Skater Disguised as 80-Year-Old Man Went Skateboarding at a Park. The Reactions? Hilarious!

Watch Danny Leon as an old man on a skateboard own the Madrid Skate Park.

Sure we've seen a lot of old people who have rocked sports through races, cycling and marathons despite their old age, but we've never seen one rock a skateboard ramp. It seems like old people and the skateboard isn't a good pair.

So, wouldn't it be cool to see one do some skateboard stunts for a change?

Danny Leon, a 20-year-old skateboard star, posed as an elderly and amazed onlookers with his stunts.
With all the prosthetic and make up to add 60 years on his face, and some of his "old friends", onlookers were convinced it was really an elderly who rocked his way on the skateboard ramp.

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Most Loved Disney Characters Surprise Unsuspecting Shoppers In A Mall. Good vibes!

We wonder how the shoppers felt when they were instantly brought back to their childhood with such a lovely surprise!

Do you ever wish to go back to your childhood days even for a brief moment just to feel energized and alive again? Sometimes, with the hardships we encounter and the burden put on our shoulders as adults, we tend to feel lifeless, tired and dull as we go through life.

It is nice to stop for a while, breath and laugh again, especially if you have been working so hard all your life. We think the best way to do that is to feel like a child again -- carefree, enthusiastic and contented with simple things. When we were kids, all we could ever wish for is to watch our favorite show, go on a trip to the toy store or eat our cotton candy. Maybe, going back to those moments even for a few minutes will help us stir our inner joy and come out of life anew

In this video we found, shoppers were surprised to see shadows coming from a store that is still under construction. Soon enough, many people gathered in front of the store and when the doors opened, an enchanting turn of events happened!

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Parents Are Complaining About This Foul-Mouthed Minion Toy

This Happy Meal toy sounds like it actually said the “F” word!

Everybody loves the Minions!

Originally introduced on the first Despicable Me movie, these adorable yellow creatures have become so famous they recently got their own spin-off film. With the new Minions movie recently hitting cinemas across the world, the franchise goes to prove that wholesome family comedies are still well-received by audiences everywhere.

In fact, the movie quickly made a record for being the second-biggest opening for an animated film as it earned $115.2 million in North America. The undefeated record holder is still Shrek the Third (2007) which made $121.6 million on its opening weekend.

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