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The Emerald Belles Synchronized Moves Are Mesmerizing In Award-Winning Routine

Nobody missed a beat!


Seeing about dozens of skilled dancers moving in unison is something beautiful and amazing. It’s hard to imagine keeping to the rhythm of the music by yourself, so adding in intricate movements that are in unison with a huge group takes an immense amount of skill.

The Emerald Belles hails from Texas, representing the talented dancers from Southlake Carroll Senior High School. The dance group’s performance at the Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition blew the crowd away with their synchronized moves and high kicks.

One of the best dances out there is high kick routines. High kick dance routines are known for their quick movements, formation changes, and sharp lines.

The performances are typically accentuated by dazzling costumes – adding an extra touch of visuals for anyone watching. High kicking might look simple to the naked eye, but it’s notoriously difficult to master.

The Emerald Belles performance started with the members in various positions, with different moves at the start of their act. When the first few notes of Eurythmic’s “Sweet Dreams” played on the speakers, the dancers moved in motion and took their place beside each other.

They danced in synchronicity and displayed the dance moves that they were known for. People cheered when their legs kicked high in the air in a fluid motion. At one point, even the floor seems to start to move.

One of the best parts of the routine has got to be the moment when the dozens of dancers joined hands in a circle for an amazing high kick routine. You can tell that a lot of hard work and practice went into getting it right. Nobody missed a beat!

The Emerald Belles’ powerful performance earned the group a first place trophy. And when you have routines like this, there’s no doubt that there will be many more awards in their future.

The Emerald Belles shares their incredible routines all over the world. They’ve appeared in halftime shows and have even performed on cruises and at Walt Disney World.

Watch the video here:

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