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Thai Government Has Gruesome Punishment for Drunk Drivers

The deathly solution will ensure Thai motorists will literally never drink and drive again!

The government of Thailand has come up with a creative and ghastly way to curb drunk driving incidences in the country.

Drunk driving in Thailand is prevalent fact of life, particularly in a country with an amazing number of festivals, religious holidays, and traditional celebrations. On the average, two deaths occur each week, with roughly 160 people injured each hour from traffic-related accidents that are mainly alcohol-related.

drunk driving 1

With an alarming 24,000 deaths on Thai roads recorded by the World Health Organization, the government has come up with a sickening, and yet enormously effective deterrent to get slosh-happy motorists off the highways.

drunk driving 4

Source: al-Husseyn

The solution to the drunk driving problem is deathly simple: the government has ruled that all convicted drunk drivers shall be compelled to work in local morgues and be in close contact with victims of drunk driving accidents.

drunk driving 2

Source: Shutterstock

The result is surprisingly, if ghastly effective. It gives the errant motorists a first-hand look at the consequences of getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

This is the same technique the Thai government implemented during the 1970s to scare its delinquent youth into behaving by exposing them to the innards of the country’s dangerous state prisons.

Convicted drunk drivers will be forced to travel with the local morgue teams and tasked to clean up after traffic accident sites, transport bodies, and even assist in autopsies and embalming.

drunk driving 3

Source: Kamalala

This particularly repulsive set of duties is aimed at getting offenders to see first-hand results of their behavior, and prevent a recurrence of the same.

With surprisingly successful effects.

So if you are imbibing in one of Thailand’s many festivals and celebrations, and are faced with having to get behind the wheel of a car…don’t. Unless you fancy doing the rounds with the unfortunate dead.


Indonesian Villagers Mistook Love Doll For ‘Fallen Angel’

They don’t know what a “love doll” is, and what is it for.


A day after a rare solar eclipse swept across Southeast Asia last March, a fisherman found a beautiful doll floating in the sea off the Banggai Islands in Sulawesi province, central Indonesia.

The fisherman named Pardin took the doll in his home in Kalupapi village, where his mom gave it a fresh change of clothes and a new hijab.

Believing that there was a connection between the eclipse---a deeply spiritual event in the country according to Mail Online---and the doll’s discovery, many villagers claimed it was a “bidadari”, an angel or spirit. They treated it with reverence thinking it was an angel fallen from heaven.

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Pervert Flashes His Genitals On A Bus Filled With Women. He Gets What He Deserves!

This is so satisfying to watch!

It is an unfortunate truth that, yes, there are some perverts out there who would take advantage of unsuspecting victims in the most disgusting of ways. Such as this guy in Turkey who had the gall to strut his junk on a woman while they were riding a bus.

The guy had all the clues of someone planning to flash on a victim. Hunched shoulders - check. Big bag to cover his act and private part - check.

One thing he probably did not consider, however, is the fact that the woman wasn’t one who would cower in fear and allow herself to be violated just like that. Also, the pervy dude probably wasn’t aware that the bus was actually full of women.

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25 Epic Facebook Status Fails That Will Surely Crack You Up

Not gonna lie. I spent 5 minutes laughing at these!

With the wealth of information easily available on the internet these days, one would wonder why stupidity still hasn’t been wiped away from the planet.

Case in point, these epic Facebook fails just prove that we, as humans, still have a long way to go. Some people are still quicker at typing than thinking – and it’s actually hilarious.

This list of 25 funny statuses will surely make you laugh non-stop. Or you'd probably cringe in disbelief and then do a massive facepalm.

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