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Texas Town Noticed Dramatic Drop in Crime After Firing Police and Hiring Private Security.





When the safety of the whole community is at stake, one must take action towards solving the problem to help maintain security, peace and order at all times. However, this particular town in Texas also known as Sharpstown took things differently which caught everyone’s attention.

In 2012, the Sharpstown Civic Association fired the police department and hired a private firm instead called SEAL Security Solutions. Fortunately, it worked out quite well for them even though they were expecting otherwise. The plan was successful and the results were striking. In just 20 months, they were able to reduce crimes by 61% according to James Alexander, Operations Director for SEAL.


The whole idea was also proven to be cost-effective since the services of a private firm like SEAL is cheaper compared to that of the government’s, which entitles taxpayers to save an amount of $200,000 per year. While the credibility of the government police has long been tarnished because of the ‘too many’ issues and negligence, private police on the other hand, must be efficient as well as safe, for one small mistake or claim could end their entire operation. If inefficiency is spotted in the system, accurate measures are quickly taken to prevent the loss of revenue and solve the issue just like how it happened in Sharpstown.

I must say I’m amazed with the way this town handled such problem in their community. I wish every town or any country is as resilient as Sharpstown to implement solutions and policies for the benefit of everyone. Nonetheless, this is a lesson for each one of us, especially to those corrupt government employees and officials–reflect and do your job right or pay the price.

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