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Terrible Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World

Snakes, scorpions, eels… oh my!

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In some parts of the world, regular drinkers are a little bit more adventurous. They add random and sometimes horrible things to their drinks, tempting fate and skirting death. To them, Americans are just amateurs in the world of beverages (although we have our own strange concoctions).

If you’re ever caught in a drinking game with strangers, be prepared to do battle with these strange drinks – or be prepared to run, at least!

1.) Mekong River Eel Wine


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Eels are collected from the Mekong River and fermented with wine for a year before they’re ready to serve.

2.) Cobra Wine


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This drink includes the full (venomous) cobra, poison and all. It’s also highly illegal in the U.S.

3.) Bacon Vodka


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America loves bacon, maybe a little too much. Take a swig of this stuff and you might swear off bacon forever.

4.) Horse “Jizz”


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Although actually made from equal parts milk and beer, locals hate the concoction so much, they gave it such as obvious nickname.

5.) Rice Wine With Baby Mice


Photo credit: Flickr

Found in Korea and China, wine drinkers will find 2-3 day old mice in their bottle that ferment for over a year.

6.) Bacon Maple Ale


Photo credit: Flickr

Inspired by Portland’s famous Voodoo Donuts, this Rogue concoction is a dark ale that tries to recreate the company’s famous bacon maple donuts in beer form. It’s an acquired taste, to be sure.

7.) Pizza Beer


Washington Post

Made from leftover pizza parts, this Frankenstein of beers is our greatest nightmare.

8.) Scorpion Vodka


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Infused with edible scorpions that are rendered lifeless (and harmless), this is one drink that’ll put hair on your chest.

9.) Seagull Wine


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Step 1: Acquire a dead seagull. Step 2: Put it in a bottle or some type of container. Step 3: Add water, close, and let sit until fermented.

10.) Lizard Wine


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Similar to the mice wine, this takes a gecko, 12 months of fermentation, and BOOM! It’s ready for tasting.

11.) Kumis


Photo credit: wikipedia

This rare and precious commodity is made from mare’s milk, and only requires hours to ferment.

12.) Mescal


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Famous for the “worm” you always hear people talking about, those bottles actually have a moth larva added during the bottling process. Guess you won the Lotto!

13.) Chicha


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A traditional beverage for many South American countries and native populations, Chicha is a mixture of corn and human saliva. Community members will take the unprocessed corn, chew it up, and then spit it out into a shared depository. After fermenting, you have your “drink.”

14.) Lone Star Beer


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Inside Texas, they can’t sell a bottle. But travel state lines, and all of a sudden it’s a forgotten treasure. (See its cousin, PBR.)

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