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20 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts Ever!





Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. During the holiday season, people are actually more generous and so it’s really an exciting time. Unless, of course, you get stuff that you don’t like at all. Like you know – some embarrassing things!

This list of worst Christmas gifts ever will change your usual perception of the yuletide. You’d either feel saying “Bah, humbug!” just like Scrooge of old or you just might die laughing for the crap some people had to experience.

Check out the list below and while you’re at it, you might want to think of the lousiest gift you’ve ever been given. Be sure to share it on the comment section later!

#1. A gynecologist shirt.

Source: collegehumor

Simply proves that having even the best of intentions can fail you.

#2. Some video games.

Source: collegehumor

What the hell, mom?

#3. A lingerie store giftcard.

Source: collegehumor

I agree with that comment!

#4. Bright red undies with googly eyes.

Source: collegehumor

Grandma just made it to the naughty list.

#5. 18 pairs of socks.

Source: collegehumor

That plot twist was awesome though!

#6. A book.

Source: collegehumor

Santa might be on to something here.

#7. Wooden playset.

Source: collegehumor

Perfect for the “child at heart” lol!

#8. Socks.

Source: collegehumor

Worst idea ever!

#9. A giant block of cement.

Source: collegehumor

Meet Uncle Strange!

#10. Shake weight.

Source: collegehumor

Bad dad.

#11. Pokemon vs weasel ball.

Source: collegehumor

I wanna see the sister’s reaction.

#12. Beard.

Source: collegehumor

What’s up with uncles and stupid gifts?

#13. Shredded cheese.

Source: collegehumor

Clearly, the sister was too busy to buy a proper gift – and just rushed on the kitchen.

#14. Christmas sweater and a stinky bonus.

Source: collegehumor

That’s just gross.

#15. Douche and hospital gown.

Source: collegehumor

Weird indeed!

#16. ‘Ocean Pacific’ pants.

Source: collegehumor

“I had to wear them” – saddest words ever!

#17. Breathalyzer keychain.

Source: collegehumor

Well that’s just awkward.

#18. A dildo from the father-in-law.

Source: collegehumor

He still has it all these years.

#19. Snakes on a Plane.

Source: collegehumor

Samuel L. Jackson is not pleased!

#20. Toothbrush.

Source: collegehumor

She probably suspected you have halitosis.

Now go share this funny post with your social media buddies. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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