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Teens Attempt to Use Encyclopedia For Research. Their Reactions? Hilarious!

A group of teens were presented with a set of encyclopedias. Watch their hilarious reactions as they were asked to do some research.


Encyclopedias are printed books with detailed credible information that everyone used as a reference back when there was no internet. These books were the main source of information since the Ancient Greece and Rome. As such, academic institutions were required to have these set of books in their libraries as sources of information. However, in 2012, Encyclopedia Britannica (the most popular Encyclopedia) announced that the 2010 edition would be the last printed encyclopedia as they will focus on their online version.

In January 2001, an online encyclopedia called Wikipedia was created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Wikipedia has then become one of the most visited websites and one of the main sources of information. Since it is a free-access, free-content Internet encyclopedia, it has become the go-to source of fast information for everyone who has internet access. This has prompted encyclopedia publishers to stop printing.

Come 2015, a few years after the last encyclopedia was published, a group of teens was tasked to research information using these books.

In a generation where Google and Wikipedia are the staple sources of information, these teens’ reactions, when presented with the encyclopedia, were absolutely hilarious.

Watch as teens react to the Encyclopedia:

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