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Teen Rushed to the Hospital After Suffering Neck Pain. The Cause Is Eye-Opening!





As unbelievable as it may seem, an estimated 5,000 text messages per hour are circulating all round. With the number of transactions that can now be done through our smartphones, everybody pretty much enjoys the perks it brings.

With the high demands for smartphones, who wouldn’t have one, right? However, as many are guilty for being too dependent and attached with their smartphones, almost 80% are drawn to neglect the excruciating pains that they may cause.

Unfortunately, one of its victims is then 14-year-old Sarah Atchison who got guilty pleasures of using her smartphone almost 24/7 causing her to acquire the newly diagnosed neck pain called “text neck”.

After being through severe neck pains, her X-ray results showed the tremendously visible abnormal curve that her neck has acquired. Per her doctors, the pain was caused by the astounding amount spent looking down at her phone. Although experts say that this kind of diagnose is usually developed over long years, surveys proved that an estimated three hours a day spent by just being locked down with smartphones has made it aggressive and rampant to many, especially the young generations.

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To date, Atchison is undergoing a therapy that hopes to reposition the normal phasing of her cervical spine. As many will tend to overlook this kind of abnormality, experts added that patients who suffer this may even face bigger complications later on as they age.

Technology is supposed to lighten the burden of daily living. With the generous convenience and positive changes it brought, almost everybody tends to be adaptive to it. However, as cliché as it may sound, too much of everything is destructive. Anything that is used abusively becomes a threat to either one’s self or to others.

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