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15 Pictures That Show How Smartphones Are Actually Ruining Our Lives





Once upon a time, when smartphones were not yet invented, people had a different kind of social life – one that is defined by actual conversations, facial gestures, and priceless moments. However, people decided one day that they needed something ‘smart’ to help make their lives easier and convenient.

Human wizards gathered together to invent the smartphone. At first, its goal was to make communication easier for people. But as time went by, they added more and more. The gadget once designed for calls and messages has now an ability to do a myriad of things. It can now take pictures, play games, contain useful applications, connect to the internet, and most especially, take over human lives.

It wasn’t long until actual conversations were replaced by instant messengers. The facial gestures were turned into emojis. The priceless moments became Facebook memories and IG stories. Eventually, the smartphones became smarter and turned people into zombies.

According to a famous quote credited to Albert Einstein, “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”

We might be downright defensive against this claim, and think that smartphones and technology have not caused us anything other than benefits. Maybe the term ‘idiot’ is an exaggeration. But here is a collection of illustrations depicting the painfully hilarious truth about us being turned into technology zombies.
















Some of the pictures are worth the laugh, but some need deep pondering. Some pictures show how smartphones affected people relationships, others show how it made society insensitive to other people’s need. Perhaps it is a wake-up call to lay low on our smartphone use and spend more time building real relationships outside of social media.

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