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Teen Dies From Electrocution After She Slept Charging Her iPhone On Her Bed





Some people are used to charging their phones while using them, or while lying on the bed. An incident in Vietnam may show how dangerous this habit is.

A 14-year-old girl died in her sleep while charging her phone. She was electrocuted when she rolled on the charger cable while sleeping.

Apparently, the cable of her charger had been damaged, and when she rolled over while sleeping, she came in contact with the open live wire.

Source: Pixabay

Le Thi Xoan, 14 years old from Hoan Kiem, Vietnam, was found unconscious by her parents in the morning. Her parents immediately rushed her to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The initial investigation of the police officers revealed a burnt white cable on her bed.

They also found a small tear in the rubber casing, which could have exposed the live wires inside.

The officers suspected that the young girl charged her iPhone the night before she died. She may have used her phone while charging and fell asleep without unplugging the charger. She lied on her bed with her iPhone 6 like what she did each night.

The girl's parents, family and friends are mourning her tragic death.

They warn other teens not to charge their phones while they are on the bed. This is because they might fall asleep, forgetting to unplug the charger.

So yes, be careful and check your cables when charging your electronic devices, folks! It is super essential to replace any faulty wires you find to prevent any severe injury to yourself. Sadly, that’s what recently happened to this young girl. This unfortunate young teenage girl who was living in Hoan Kiem, Vietnam shockingly died because she got electrocuted by her phone cable.

Are you fond of using your phone while it’s charging? This may warn you against this very dangerous habit. Though the number of cases is just small when it comes to these types of accidents, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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