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Special ‘Stealth’ iPhone12 Pro Without Camera Being Sold at $4,990 and $5,520




  • Russian brand Caviar is selling special edition Stealth iPhone 12 Pro for buyers who want a “simple phone without unnecessary functions.”
  • The mobile device does not have a rear camera and the front-facing camera has been disabled.
  • It also features a hardened titanium case.

Despite all their competition in the market today, Apple iPhones remain to be among the most popular mobile devices out there. Who else can charge as expensively as the company can and still have people line up in front of their stores to get their hands on the latest phones, right?

Whether you think their phones are overpriced or not, there’s just no denying Apple definitely has a massive following who are always willing and ready to spend cash on their newest releases.

Now a special edition of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro is getting some attention from netizens after it went viral on social media.

Sold online by Caviar, a Russian company known for its high-end iPhones and accessories, the Stealth iPhone 12 Pro is a modified version of the said model. This time, it comes with additional privacy features.

The world’s first non-camera iPhone – and they’re sold for $4,999 and $5,520.

Looking at the price tag, it’s easy to understand why the mobile device has garnered a lot of buzz but what’s pretty interesting here is that this specific version does not have any cameras at all.

According to the Caviar website:

“The main feature of the gadget is the lack of a camera on the rear panel and a disabled front camera. The smartphone was created for those who need a simple phone without any unnecessary functions.

“The case made of hardened titanium is reliable and laconic. Such a design solution allowed, on the one hand, to make the look strict and restrained, and on the other hand, to make its owner as ‘secretive’ as possible.”

The 2 models, the Stealth iPhone 12 Pro and the Stealth iPhone 12 Pro Gold, are limited at only 99 pieces each.

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