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Teacher Stops Cheating During Exams By Putting Cardboard Boxes On Students’ Heads

The parents weren’t happy about it and want the teacher dismissed.

  • Luis Juarez Texis, an Ethics and Values teacher from Tlaxcala, Mexico, has been the center of controversy because of his unusual way of preventing classroom cheating.
  • Apparently, the teacher made his students wear cardboard boxes on their heads during an exam – and the parents weren’t happy about it.

One Mexican school teacher recently sparked outrage among parents because of his bizarre approach towards preventing cheating in his class. As seen in the photo below, Ethics and Values teacher Luis Juarez Texis of Tlaxcala, Mexico’s Bachilleres 01 El Sabinal School made his students wear cardboard boxes on their heads to stop them from copying each other’s answers during an exam.

The story has since gone viral on the internet after the students’ parents expressed strong disapproval about the teacher’s method. In fact, they are asking for the teacher’s dismissal from the school.

Luis Juarez Texis, who teaches Ethics and Values, thought this wuld be a good idea. It eventually backfired!

The parents eventually released a press statement condemning the teacher about “how (he) treats and humiliates his class.”

They then requested the authorities to protect the students rights plus they said the teacher should be dismissed, labeling what he did as ‘violence.’

The school would later respond to the issue, defending that the exercise was done in an attempt to help learners with psychomotor development. It was also mentioned that all the students agreed to the said exercise and that individual rights were not violated.

The Bachilleres 01 El Sabinal School in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Meanwhile, netizens had mixed reactions regarding the topic. Although there were some who bashed the teacher for going “too far,” others said that they think the idea was fun and effective.

For example, another teacher commented:

“My grade 5 learners would love to write exams like this. We can paint the boxes and do a robot dance to celebrate end of exams.”

Well, what do you think, folks? Was this an inappropriate method of preventing classroom cheating or was it actually a brilliant solution?


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