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Tattoo Festival Fined After Participants Showed Up Naked In Shopping Mall

It drew complaints from people, some who were in the venue with their kids.






Tattoo conventions are nothing new and spectators are expected to stare at the amazing body art in full display. But in this convention in Thailand, people were staring at more than just tattoos – some of the participants showed up totally naked just to show off their intricate body art.

The Rayong Tattoo Convention II was held in a shopping centre in Rayong, Eastern Thailand last weekend. Participants attended in different states of undress, with some wandering around completely naked in full view of the shoppers.

This drew complaints from people, some who were in the centre with their kids.

Ton Naboon said:

“I was visiting to watch a film with my wife and young daughter and my wife was doing some shopping.”

“We had no choice but seeing these people. This should have been in a different place, with only people who choose to see it going inside.”

Wattana Sagasin, another shopper, added:

“This is not acceptable for society and traditional Thai culture.”

Some went totally commando to show off their full tattoos.

Females showed up in skimpy clothing.

A striking tattoo on this woman’s left hip.

Another female, with a full back tattoo.

The police were called and the organizers of the event were fined £114 each for ‘lewd and obscene’ behavior in public. The event was green-lighted by a local police chief named Damrong Uansoongnern. After the complaints came in, he was reprimanded and delegated to a desk job for 30 days.

The men were not afraid to bare all.

Some tattoos go all the way to their butts.

Police Lieutenant Traisoon Niamsap, provincial police boss, said:

“We apologize to people who were offended by this. The police and the shopping mall did not know that the event would be inappropriate.”

“The four people who organized the event aged 28 to 41, have each been fined in accordance with the law.”

“The superintendent who oversaw this has been transferred for a period of 30 days to help with the civil service and we have today set up a committee to investigate.”

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Apparently, the bosses at the shopping mall were not aware that the event will turn out like this. They said that they were unable to cancel the convention because it already started before they saw the scantily-clad participants walking around the area.

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