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Filipino Dad ‘Drives’ His Son to School Everyday Using His Wheelchair

Pure respect for this man!


It’s always touching to see fathers go the extra mile in fulfilling their responsibilities for their children. Remember Ryan Arebuabo? He’s that Filipino single dad whose heartwarming story went viral on social media after he was spotted with his daughters at a local Jollibee store. The poor father was watching his girls as they ate their meals as he didn’t order food for himself due to financial limitations.

Now another man from the Philippines has recently caught everyone’s attention after a couple of images of him and his son were shared over the internet by the Front Row Facebook page.

Tatay Alejandro, as he is known, takes his 7-year-old son Junior to school every day. The boy is currently in Grade 2 and attends the Pasig Elementary School.

The catch here, of course, is that Tatay Alejandro is actually wheelchair-bound.

Source: Front Row

In a post by Definitely Filipino, we learn that Alejandro takes his boy to school “whether it rains or whether it is a hot day.” This, of course, is not an easy thing since the father has to “manually roll his wheelchair using his hands” plus the boy’s already big so carrying him must be hard as they travel through busy roads.

According to the father, he does this daily for two things: to ensure his son’s safety and to save on fare expenses.

Source: Front Row

Alejandro was stricken with polio when he was merely 5 years of age and he considers himself lucky to have married later on in life. Despite his physical disability, he is clearly doing his best to live up to his role as a father.

We definitely have nothing but pure respect for this man. It’s amazing how much he loves his son. We do not doubt Junior will grow up to be a good boy and help his family someday.


Christian Church Destroyed By ISIS Is Being Rebuilt By Muslims

This is the way to peace.

Touching moments like this definitely restore our faith in humanity and reminds us that, yes, it is actually possible for people to live in harmony – regardless of their differences or their religious preferences.

In a viral social media post, we learn that a group of Muslim volunteers in Mosul, Iraq are working together to help rebuild a Christian church in the area.

The Monastery of Mar Georges in Al Arabi, Mosul was destroyed by terrorists.

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Five High School Friends Have Been Recreating The Same Photo For 35 Years

Friendship goals right there!

Striking a friendship with someone who you know is on the same wavelength as you is easy. What’s challenging is keeping a friend for a lifetime. But if a friendship lasts through the decades, you have found a rare treasure.

One fine day in 1982, five high school friends went on a vacation to Copco Lake and took one holiday photo -- a simple one, just like what any vacationer would do. But that single photo isn’t just any group photo. It’s special for the guys who met in Santa Barbara, California as it was the start of a tradition that would last for more than three decades.

John Wardlaw, Mark Rumer-Cleary, Dallas Burney, John Molony and John Dickson have been taking the same vacation, recreating the exact same photo in the same spot and right order every five years for 35 years.

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Despite Being Labeled a ‘Failure’, Filipina Celebrity Cosplayer Graduates Cum Laude

Myrtle Sarrosa is a great example of persevering against obstacles.

We here at EliteReaders love inspiring stories about people who persevered and achieved their goals despite the odds. So when he heard the account of Myrtle Sarrosa, we immediately knew we had to share it with everyone.

Myrtle, of course, is known as a cosplayer and a celebrity in the Philippines. According to her lengthy post on Facebook, she experienced many difficulties as a student before finally finishing her studies – and she graduated cum laude!

“After six years, three courses, nine semesters, one reality TV show, twelve teleseryes and over fifty television shows – I’m finally here today,” she wrote on social media. “To be honest, I never thought I’d see this day coming. After numerous struggles that came my way, there were several times where I doubted myself, cried and just wanted to give up. But despite the overwhelming odds against me, someway and somehow I made it with the help of God, my family, friends, professors, classmates and workmates. Like they say… the struggle is real but it’s all worth it. Who would have thought that I would get this far?”

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