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Epic Fail! These Game Show Contestants Failed To Answer A Very Easy Question





Game shows are always entertaining to watch. Aside from the interesting trivia, it’s often amusing to witness how contestants do their best to stay calm and think clearly, anxiety and panic aside. Some get the answers right while others fail to provide a good response. Needless to say, joining these contests can be a potentially nerve-wracking experience. If you’re a little unlucky, your mind might even go blank in the process.

Perhaps that’s exactly what happened to Millionaire Hot Seat contestants Tania and Christina. For $200, this mother and daughter tandem were asked an extremely easy question which, to everyone’s surprise, they decided to skip.

Tania and Christina were completely baffled when they encountered this simple question:


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Sure, the options may have been a little tricky because the words rhymed with each other but the sad part here is that they almost picked the right answer.

At one point, Christina said:

“I think we’ll pass because I’m not sure if it’s D.”

Host Eddie McGuire appeared incredulous about the whole thing. He asked them several times if they’re really sure about passing on the question, obviously attempting to help them rethink the decision. Still, the two women insisted and they eventually walked away from their seats.

It is noteworthy that while the four choices were being given, a few audience members can be heard laughing in the background when the host reached D, signifying that they knew what the correct answer was. After all, this was just the second question so it really wasn’t that difficult yet.

You can watch the video here:

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So what do you think about it? Was it just a bad case of mental block or were they really unaware about what a Thesaurus is? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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