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Talkative Baby And Siberian Husky Have Hilarious Argument Together





I bet most people would agree if I say that videos about babies and dogs are generally fun and entertaining, particularly if both are part of a story and are seen having a good time with each other’s company.

When babies and pups meet, there’s an unspoken bond that forms between them, which marks the beginning of  a strong, sincere, and loving relationship. We’ve read stories about it–despite the absence of any verbal command, dogs become protective of and obedient to their fragile, little boss. What more if the babies can speak at such an early age?

The mother of 10-month-old baby Lexi decided to let her talkative daughter chatter away with their dog Angel, a Siberian husky. Huskies are known to be a docile, loving, playful, and energetic breed who are great with children. However, as they are not “watch dogs”, they prefer to howl than to bark. So, can you guess what happens when a cute babbler is seated next to a husky?

In the adorably funny video, Lexi wasn’t giving a command for Angel to obey. She was babbling about something, but Angel doesn’t seem to agree with her. In fact, it sounded like they were having an argument that neither of them wants to lose. Because for some unexplainable reason, Angel would even cut her off mid-sentence!

Watch the video and tell us what you think about it.

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