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30 Taliban Extremists Killed In Explosion During Bomb-Making Class




  • At least 30 Taliban fighters died during a bomb-making class in Balkh, Afghanistan.
  • According to a statement issued by the military, the explosion happened at a mosque when six foreign nationals – who were considered “expert mine makers” – were giving instructions about how to make bombs and IEDs.
  • As a result of the explosion, the foreigners’ identities couldn’t be identified since their bodies were badly damaged.

At least 30 Taliban extremists have been killed in the province of Balkh following a bomb explosion. According to reports, the said number included 6 foreign nationals who were bomb makers.

In a statement issued by the 209th Shaheen Corps, we learn that the blast happened at a mosque in the Qultaq village in the district of Dowlatabad as the militants were training to make bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The military further mentioned that the bodies of the affiliated foreigners could not even be identified as they were extremely damaged as a result of the strong blast.

The six were considered “expert mine makers” and were giving instructions to the others when the unexpected explosion happened.

The story eventually went viral on social media and netizens couldn’t help but point out the irony of it all.

Case in point, a lengthy thread over at Reddit gives us a lot of interesting insights.

One commenter wrote:

“Live by the bomb, die by the bomb.”

Another joked:

“Guess they haven’t heard of Zoom.”

Someone also commented:

“I’m not even remotely sad that this has happened. In fact I hope this happens more often than not. It would certainly help the world.”

Meanwhile, another Reddit user said:

“I like to imagine whoever had his hands on the bomb had a sudden revelation, realized how many lives he could save by ‘botching’ the bomb, and took one for the team.

“Probably not, but you never know.”

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