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Soldier Marries Sister of A Fellow Soldier He Saved In Afghanistan

Their love story is so wonderful, they eventually won a Dream Wedding contest.

Mark Andrew





Staff Sgt. Chris St. Onge of Tampa, Florida served with Bryan Dilberian in Afghanistan. In July 2011, they were out together with their squad on a routine patrol when a tragic explosion rocked them.

In an interview with Chris recalled, “We’re not 100 percent sure what happened, we just know an explosion happened that wounded Bryan and killed another member of our squad.”

“It was very tough,” Chris added. “You don’t think about it at that exact moment, you’re just worried about getting everyone out of there, but as soon as you get back to base that’s when it sets in all your emotions come to you.”

Chris helped stop Dilberian’s bleeding and immediately took him to the hospital. Still, the latter lost his two legs and left arm because of the explosion. The former, on the other hand, was awarded a Bronze Star for his heroism.

Staff Sgt. Chris St. Onge met Samantha, Bryan Dilberian’s sister – a fellow soldier he rescued in an Afghanistan explosion.

soldier special love story 1

It was then that Chris started getting in touch with Samantha, Bryan’s sister, who constantly updated him about her brother’s condition via emails and phone calls. They finally met each other in person after 8 months.

Chris said:

“We just kept talking and one thing lead to another. I think we both knew, we just didn’t know how to express it to each other.”

Samantha, on the other hand, described the start of their relationship as “Crazy, exciting. A little bit of every emotion you can imagine.”

soldier special love story 2

When they heard about the third annual “Mission I Do, Dream Wedding Giveaway, a contest for military personnel, the two decided to give it a shot.

Out of several dozens of entries, the couple won the contest.

Its indeed an extraordinary love story!

soldier special love story 3

Ralph Zuckerman, owner of Old McMickey’s Farm in Odessa, Florida, commented:

“Chris and Samantha have a love story straight out of Hollywood, except it’s true. Old McMicky’s Farm is honored to be able to give such a deserving couple the wedding of their dreams.”

The prize included a check of $30,000 and a dream wedding at the waterfront venue at Old McMicky’s Farm.

Of course, Bryan Dilberian served as the best man for the wedding.

soldier special love story 4

Just this past weekend, Chris and Samantha were married and around a hundred family members and friends witnessed the ceremony. Bryan, of course, served as the best man.

As Samantha summed up:

“Everything is just working out perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband than Chris and he’s so close to Bryan. It’s just perfect.”


Leonardo di Caprio’s Private Island Is Absolute Bliss

Leonardo di Caprio owns a private island and it is just superbly amazing!

Kat Lozada



Apart from the fact that Leonardo di Caprio happens to be a handsome, talented and very rich actor, he also is the owner of a private island that is pure bliss. All that is missing now is an Oscar award which he very well deserves, right?

Here's a look of di Caprio's island from the crystal waters.

Here's a look of di Caprio's island from the crystal waters.

This is the exact location of the island in Belize.

This is the exact location of the island in Belize.

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Veterinarian Did The Unthinkable To Save This Dog’s Life. Truly Amazing!

This is how we should treat our pets.

Ivan Menchavez



A veterinarian who runs an animal clinic in Elberton Georgia called, Granite Hills Animal Care, has captured the hearts of netizens after his heartwarming video hits the Internet. The caring animal doctor was seen on the footage stepping inside a cage and eating together with a dog in an attempt to encourage it to eat.

A pit bull, which was in a bad shape, was brought to his clinic after it was found on a dirt road starving, anemic and hypothermic. The female pup was immediately given medical attention to make sure she wouldn’t get any infection. However, for whatever reason, she refuses to eat. That’s when the amazing veterinarian did the unthinkable.

This was how the pit bull looked like when she was rescued.
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After Losing Both His Parents, This Boy Dreamed of Making 33,000 People Smile

A touching story of grief and misery defeated by an orphan 6 year old boy by making 33,000 people smile and happy!

Kris Evangelista



Usually six year old children are more focused with play, studies and extracurricular activities around them; this age relies so much to parents and is still dependent to them.

Losing one parent can hurt a child deeply but losing both parents may cause devastation, rebellion and depression from young children.

Sometimes this horrific nightmare comes into reality and deeply changes a child’s life.

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