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Coffee Shop In Taiwan Creates Cool 3D Latte Art Of Customers’ Pets

I would love to visit this coffee shop!

Are you a pet lover, or a coffee lover? Well, we’re sure you’ll love this coffee shop that creates awesome latte art with the most interesting subject – your pets! Whether you love dogs, cats, birds, or any animal in the world, a coffee shop in Taiwan will create 3D images of these cute creatures on your coffee, and the results are totally amazing.

A coffee shop based in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan does not only serve good coffee, but serve the cups with 3D latte art of your beloved pet.

What is latte art? Well, it’s a procedure that entails preparing coffee by pouring milk into a shot of espresso. The barista would then handcraft images on the foam which involves creativity and an excellent hand control.

My Cofi, the popular coffee shop, makes sure that all coffee cups come with personally-handcrafted latte art designs. Aside from pets, they create cartoon characters, human portraits, horror characters, and insects, too.

To have an idea of how fantastic their 3D art coffee is, here are some of their works:












They can make human portraits, too!

They also create coffee art of famous cartoon and anime characters.

In time for the Halloween!

This is not for the faint hearted!

Needless to say, the coffee shop has gained many customers because of its unique latte art and experience. Many coffee lovers would hesitate to drink the coffee, especially because of the masterpieces crafted by the staff of My Cofi.

Go check them out on Facebook if you want to see more of their stuff.


Korean Artist Beautifully Depicts The Wonderful Feeling of Being In Love

This Korean artist sure knows how to draw mundane yet intimate moments.

Although it is merely a four-letter word, love is a feeling that can actually hard to describe. Not to sound too cheesy but once found and felt, love not only changes you but even the world around you. It inspires you and makes the difficult world seem much more bearable, despite the challenges.

Artist Hyocheon Jeong, who hails from South Korea, recently received a lot of praise on the internet after posting wonderful depictions of romance over at Instagram. The 27-year-old illustrator, who hails from South Korea, enjoys drawing couples in cozy yet intimate moments.

Many netizens have expressed admiration for her work not only for her obvious drawing skills but also for her choice of colors, which perfectly complements and sets the mood for every piece....

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Artist Creates 3D Portraits Using 20,000+ Screws, and He Really ‘Nails’ Them!

Absolutely stunning and mind-blowing!

Portraits are just among the many mediums artists use to express their art. They use them as vessels to convey a message or discuss a topic. Apparently though, an art is only as effective as the materials used to form or conceive it. And most certainly, Bruce Mackley understands that.

Unlike many other artists or painters, Mackley uses a very different kind of medium – screws, that is. His famous piece, called the “Descent,” is totally stunning and is made up of 20,000 framing and decking screws, all of which have been meticulously installed into a pine board. And for the art to be achieved, the screws have been planted in varying depths.

Others call it half painting, but to some it’s half sculpture. Regardless, it can’t be denied that Mackley’s art features harmony, balance, and even chaos. And since it requires a great amount of patience and talent, the medium is certainly “tedious and challenging.”...

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Hairy Selfie Nails Exists And It’s Creepy But Impressive

A Korean artist has taken nail art to the next level with her hairy selfie nails creation.

People are now taking art to another level. In the early centuries, people would only put their artistic talents on canvass or mold them to sculptures but things are much different now. From make ups to nail tints and then tattoos, expressing art has no limit these days as any part of the body has become the new canvass for many artists.

Indeed, fashion is a modern way of expressing our artistic sense. We experiment on our getups, our hairstyles, try on tattoos and now we have the nail art. Every year, a new trend comes out and men and women are simply thrilled to try them on so they can make an impression. But will you ever try the new trend of hairy nails?

The hair selfie nail art of Dain Yoon is taking social media by storm.


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