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Swiss Village Willing To Pay Thousands Of Dollars To Each Family That Agrees To Move In

A village in Albinen, Switzerland is willing to pay a huge sum of money to any family who would agree to migrate and live in the zone.

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For a place to be called a community, it naturally needs a number of people and some establishments to support its economy. Without people working for the profit of a community, the place is likely to die, forcing the remaining population to seek a greener pasture from a stronger district.

While overpopulation is a problem in some regions of the world, some areas are ironically finding it hard to attract people to live in their zones just like the mountainside village in Switzerland that’s running empty of residents. Despite the scenic views from the village, its being rural is probably a big factor why migrants keep on rejecting its offer of residency.

This remote village in Switzerland has a pretty majestic scenery but it is t the risk of being shut down.

The Albinen village in the Canton of Valais do not have large enough a population to survive. Its being quiet and peaceful plus its spectacular alpine views are seemingly not enough to keep its population intact. Families and young people in the area are slowly leaving in groups until its population shoot down to a measly 240, according to the municipality president, Beat Jost.

It only has over 200 people left in the village after families decide to leave the place.

In fact, the only village school has been shut down, forcing the remaining 7 children in the community to travel far to another town for their education. And so to prevent the village from being eradicated from the map of Switzerland, the municipality is offering a handsome sum of money for more families to come and live in the remote community.

To make revive its economy and add its population, it is offering to give money to those who volunteer to move in.

For families looking to buy or build a home in the Albinen village, the municipality is willing to pay a little over $25 thousand for each adult, while each child will be awarded about $10 thousand. This offer means that a family of four could rake in more than $70 thousand, provided their home investment totals at least $200 thousand.

That’s a relatively tempting bargain to live in the stunning Canton of Valais with a million-dollar alpine views. Scroll down to see the whole area and decide for yourself whether it’s time to pack and fly to Albinen, Switzerland.









Also, watch the footage below to see an aerial view of the Albinen village.

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The World’s Most Dangerous Countries To Visit Revealed

Before you pack your bags and book for travel packages, check these maps and find out which spots you should avoid.

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Do you love to travel around the world too? A lot of people are hardwired for the excitement of travel and adventure. But the way you’ve been looking at the world may not be the way everybody else does. In fact, once you find out how risky your dream destinations really are, you might end up changing your plans and course of travel.

We are all self-described travel nuts. For some, travel is a sweet plan for retirement on a boat, a house bus, with a backpack or by train. But we always yearn for greater travel adventures like flying far away from our hometowns for a month in Africa or a year in America. The world is indeed full of sweet and wonderful spots to see. Greece, France, Italy, Iceland, Maldives, Japan, Egypt, South Korea, New Zealand, almost every corner of every continent has something to boast about.

Traveling to places is a dream come true for most of us, but you might want to check on how safe your preferred destination is before packing your bag and setting off.

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The World Will See The First Floating Nation In The Pacific Ocean By 2020

It won’t be too long before we will see the very first floating nation in the world and it has countless benefits you’d want to enjoy.

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Almost everything now is possible, thanks to technology and the futuristic visions of today’s people. It sounds too ambitious to see floating nations fully operational in the coming years but two teams are now working together to make the world’s first city on sea waters possible.

The Seasteading Institute along with the PayPal founder, Peter Thiel, is envisioning a floating nation to open in the Pacific Ocean, off the island of Tahiti, in 2020. Once approved by the local government and France, which holds the territory, the project will commence construction in 2019 and is expected to see big progress in 2020.

People will see the very first floating nation in the world.

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Unique Iceland Hotels That Will Let You Watch the Northern Lights From Your Bed

Hotels are one of the most important parts of traveling and if you are bound to go to Iceland, you might want to book one of the bubble units and watch the stars from your bed before you sleep.

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Traveling gives us all a great opportunity for a wonderful relaxing time. Most long-time travelers though would advise us to spend less on accommodation and spend more on adventures, but Iceland could actually offer both in a single fee with their incredibly unique bubble hotel.

A hotel in Iceland features a set of bubble-like units that are situated in a secret place in the country. They allow their visitors to witness the Northern Lights while they lie down on their bed. Indeed a magnificent adventure while feeling relaxed at once.

The Bubble hotel in Iceland offers a unique and close encounter with the Northern Lights.

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