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Six Individuals Contract COVID-19 After Partying in Zurich Nightclub, 300 Others Under Quarantine

“The man was at the Flamingo Club on June 21 and tested positive of COVID-19 on June 25”

  • After easing restrictions in most European countries, six individuals who partied in a nightclub, contracted the dreaded coronavirus.
  • 300 other nightclub attendees and workers are now under quarantine.
  • Due to this incident, the Zurich government may again order a closure for all clubs.

Partying hard these days is not really worth it and has become a lot riskier compared with the previous years, especially as the confirmed cases and deaths of dreaded COVID-19 continues to soar across the world.

Case in point, this incident in Zurich, Switzerland shows us why it’s still better to observe social distancing measures even when we think it’s already safe out there. According to reports, an infected person went to a nightclub and infected five of his friends,. The person’s actions also resulted to having the other 300 clubbers being placed under quarantine.

Zurich’s health officials wrote in a statement:

“The man was at the Flamingo Club on June 21 and tested positive of COVID-19 on June 25”.

Authorities eventually ordered a 10-day quarantine for at least 300 guests and staff of the said night club.

“Five other people who were at the club with him have also tested positive since,” the Zurich health department added.

Shortly after majority of European countries have eased their restriction orders, some have been receiving new cases of the dreaded virus.

Switzerland for instance, has observed a significant rise in new COVID-19 infections. Since it relaxed its restrictions, the country has reported 18 new cases daily which then increased to 69 daily new cases after a week.

Among establishments that have been allowed to reopen are nightclubs or bars. One of the government’s conditions is to require guests to register for contact tracing purposes.

Officials are now saying that they may again consider ordering a closedown measure for all nightclubs and bars.

“In case of further spreader events, the close of clubs must be considered,” health authorities said.

Since the pandemic started, Switzerland recorded 31, 555 COVID-19 cases with 1,682 deaths.


COVID-19 Death Toll Hits 500,000 as Global Cases Reaches 10-M Mark

“We are not even beginning to be over this,” a CDC officer said.


  • The global death toll of COVID-19 has continually risen with the increasing number of confirmed cases.
  • The deaths hit the 500,000 marker, with 10 million cases worldwide.
  • This new levels came out right after government agencies started contemplating about reopening public places.
  • Health officials believe that the grim figures suggest under- reporting of cases.

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New Flu Virus Found In China Has Pandemic Potential, Says Scientists

The new strain reportedly has “all the essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus.”

  • Researchers have discovered a new strain of flu in China among pigs.
  • According to them, the G4 EA H1N1 can "infect humans" and has the potential to be a pandemic.
  • Monitoring humans, especially swine industry workers, should be done immediately to help control the virus.

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Brand-New Lamborghini Gets Wrecked Just 20 Minutes After Leaving the Dealership

It just stopped in the middle of the road.

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