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Swiss Village Is Too Beautiful That Tourists Are Not Allowed To Take Photos






It’s easy to find breathtakingly captivating landscape and travel photos in Instagram. Your friends might make you wish you could go to the places they’ve visited. But since you can’t at the moment, you’re just there sitting, sulking, wondering to yourself why you’re not as fortunate as some people who can travel at the snap of their fingers. This is exactly the reason why this Swiss town has a law against tourists taking photos of their landscapes.

Local residents of the Bergün/Bravuogn believe their town is just too gorgeous to become a subject for photography. The law against tourist photography may seem like a joke but it’s real and the mayor approved it. Those who break the rules will pay a €5 fine.

“It is scientifically proven that beautiful holiday photos on social media make the viewer unhappy because they cannot be there themselves,” the Bergün tourism authority said in a statement.

Bergün/Bravuogn in Switzerland bans tourists from taking photographs of the beautiful landscapes.

Source: PetaPixel
Authorities and the locals believe that the place is too beautiful to be shared on social media.

Mayor Peter Nicolay said he would rather have tourists come visit the place and experience the beauty of Bergün instead of relying on photos found on social media. Some people thought that the new law was just a marketing scheme. But Bergün authorities showed tourists that the law is not just a promotional stunt by taking down photos found on its Twitter and Facebook accounts. They also intended to wipe out photos from the official website.

The mayor doesn’t want to make viewers jealous (or depressed) for not being able to visit the town.

It may have been a PR stunt as Mayor Nicolay recently lifted the ban on photography. People can take photos of Bergün but reportedly with a special permit. The mayor also warns tourists to be mindful about sharing too much of the photos as they could make someone feel depressed.

Here’s a message from the Bergün mayor:

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