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Suspect Cuts Police Interrogation Short By Releasing a Loud Fart

Gross but it worked.


If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Or at least think of a clever way to stall. Just take 24-year-old Sean Sykes Jr., for example, who managed to cut short his interview with the authorities by, well, being excessively flatulent.

The Kansas City man, who was charged in the U.S. District Court with possession with intent to sell cocaine and being a felon in possession of three firearms (two of which were reportedly stolen), overwhelmed the detective conducting his interview when he let out a gas-sy reply. Clever or gross? Either way, the suspect managed to buy himself a bit more time to get his story straight.

The detective in charge of the interrogation detailed how the suspect responded rather disrespectfully.

While Sykes Jr. was being questioned, he denied knowing about the guns and the drugs. When asked for his address, the detective said in his report, according to The Kansas City Star:

Mr. Sykes leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart before answering the address. Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent and I ended the interview.

Court documents determine that the charges against the suspect stem from Kansas City police traffic stops made on September 1 and November 5.

Source: Pixabay

On September 1, Sykes was in a car that the police searched. The authorities found a backpack that contained various drugs and two handguns. One of the guns, a .357 Magnum, had been reported stolen a few days earlier. On November 5, the police pulled over a car driven by Sykes. They reportedly found marijuana and crack cocaine inside the vehicle. A .38-caliber revolver that had been reported stolen from Overland Park was also recovered by the authorities.

While he was able to stall the police interview and investigation by farting, Sykes Jr. is not off the hook. He made an initial court appearance recently where he was ordered to be held in custody pending a hearing to determine if a bond will be set for his case.


Funny Cartoons That Showcase The Controversial Nature Of Women

And so they say, girls will be girls.

For the guys out there, explaining the complicated mindset of girls is difficult in nature. Not to diss or paint them in a negative picture, but normally, understanding them can be a bit tricky. When it’s hot, she wants cold, when it’s cold, she wants hot. Always wanting what is not.

Astkhik Rakimova, a talented illustrator from Russia, decided to create a series of funny comics in order to convey her thoughts about this fascinating nature of women. Truth be told, how many of you women out there can relate to some of these?

1. Why are you so attracted to douchebags and bad boys?

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37 Selfie Fails From People Who Forgot to Check Their Background

Let this be a warning to always check your surroundings before taking a picture.

We all are guilty of being narcissistic in one way or another. Not that it is a bad thing, though. And perhaps one of the greatest examples of narcissism is taking a selfie. You know, the kind of thing where you take a picture of yourself.

While taking a selfie is as easy as counting one to three, it usually fails. Sometimes, we are photobombed by the surrounding that makes the entire picture funny. Apparently, there are people who are just plain awful when it comes to taking selfies.

Below are arguably the worst selfies taken by people so far. And we assure you, this stuff is quite hilarious. Check them out below!

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Russian Guy’s Low-Cost Cosplays Are Extremely Hilarious, He Became An Instagram Sensation

This guy loves his sausages – and his blow-up doll!

We’ve seen our share of great cosplays and then we’ve seen those terrible low-cost cosplays, particularly those ones from Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, a hilarious cosplay enthusiast from Thailand who made a name on social media as, well, the LowCostCosplay guy.

Well it looks like he has inspired others to take his footsteps in entertaining us with ridiculously funny cosplays. Apparently, there’s a guy from Russia who’s been doing the same thing.

Based in Moscow, Russia Alexander Kravets has become an Instagram sensation of his own with tens of thousands of fans following his posts.

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