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12 Surprising Facts About Farting You Need To Know





No matter how embarrassing a fart can be, it is still part of the normal body function. Whether you like it or not, they do happen because it is the body’s way of expelling the gas building up inside. Farting, aside from belching or burping, is just one way of liberating gas and it can be silent or loud and smelly or odorless.

But do you know who farts louder? Is it the men or the women? On average, how many times a day does a person fart? Here are 12 facts about farting you probably didn’t know.

#1. Farts are made up of hydrogen sulfide.

And the compound can reverse the damage done to the mitochondria. In other words, it’s healthy to smell farts.

#2. Men fart more than women. Oopsie!

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#3. But female farts are smellier since females have higher hydrogen sulfide concentration.

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It also means female farts are healthier to inhale.

#4. The word fart was coined in 1962 and it means to expel wind from the anus.

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#5. Farting is a sign of being healthy.

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A healthy digestive system produces farts. The absence of this loud and embarrassing gas warrants a visit to the doctor.

#6. On average, a person farts about 14 times a day…

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#7. And that would be enough to inflate a balloon.

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#8. A fart speed can be as fast as 10ft/sec.

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#9. People with tight sphincters will produce louder farts.

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And that’s because the gas have a smaller area to pass out from.

#10. Gum and soda can make a person fart more.

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Do you know someone who loves chewing gum and drinking soda? You know what to expect.

#11. You fart at night without knowing it.

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It happens when you sleep.

#12. And termites happen to be the living creature that produces the most farts.

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