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5 Survival Traps That Will Keep You Alive Outdoors





When a major calamity or zombie apocalypse strikes, you rely on your precious supplies to keep you alive. But your supply can only last for so long, and soon you will have to do something to replenish your resources.

These survival traps will come in very handy in an emergency situation, not only in getting you food but also in protecting you from predators and intruders.

1 Tension Trap

Also known as the spring loaded trap, this can work for both animals and humans. Make sure to choose the right type of wood to ensure that the trap will be able to impale the animal in such a way that it wouldn’t be able to escape.

Here’s how to make a tension trap:

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2 Survival Spear

This nasty-looking thing can feel as painful as it looks. This is usually used for fishing, but you can also use this for trapping other creatures. Know how to make this survival spear at Reality Survival.

3 Bow Trap

Known as one of the deadliest traps ever made, it involves anchoring a bow to the ground using pegs and using trip wires to trigger the arrow. This trap will let loose an arrow when prey trips on the trip wire.

Watch how you can make a bow trap:

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4 Drowning Snare

This requires a snare line with a noose, a float stick, a heavy rock, and another stick for positioning the rock.

Watch how you can make a basic snare trap:

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5 Apache Foot Trap

This involves digging a hole deep enough to trap bigger game, like deer, fox, or coyote. Place two layers of wooden stakes, each roughly 12 inches or more, depending on the width of the hole. Just pound the stakes on the side of the hole to make them fit. Make a snare using a rope and lay it on top of the first set of wooden stakes. The other end of the rope should be tied securely around a tree. Camouflage the hole using grass and leaves.

Watch how to make an apache foot trap.

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