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Latest Poll Gives Us An Insight About Our Chance Of Survival In A Zombie Apocalypse





So let’s pretend that zombies are real. Brain-eaters, Walkers, Clickers, you name it. They’re real. They’re as real as your hands in front of you and they’re about to come and eat your brain. What would you do? Are you prepared?

The results of the latest survey about our chance of survival in a zombie apocalypse said that humanity as a whole would never stand a chance. Not that there’d be any zombie outbreaks in the foreseeable future, but if it ever happens, the latest survey says we’re practically doomed.

According to the statistics gathered by YouGov poll, only 11% of people have a zombie survival plan.

The YouGov survey was conducted in the UK. The findings also stated that a large number of those people who are prepared for an outbreak is mostly ranging around 18-24 years of age.

Furthermore, they also revealed that the largest percentage of the prepared people is from Scotland and Wales. Another thing is that there are more prepared men than women in case a zombie apocalypse ever occurs.

The most popular plan in case of a zombie outbreak is to find a shelter to hide.

Source: Pixabay

That sounds like an effective plan. A cowardly plan, sure, but an effective plan nonetheless. Further statistics state that only 6% of the people would be more than willing to help other survivors while 9% would be more reclusive and won’t be willing to collaborate.

Here’s the rest of the statistics for those who are interested.


As seen from the table, 13% of the expected survivors would be willing to decimate anything or anyone in their path, regardless whether it is a zombie or a fellow survivor.

That doesn’t sound good.

However, according to Max Brooks’ novel “The Zombie Survival Guide,” lawlessness is pretty much inevitable when the crap hits the fan and civilization crumbles in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.

With the results of this survey, it is a good thing that the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse to ever happen is just next to impossible. However, it still wouldn’t hurt to start a plan.

For starters, starting a sunflower-powered garden fortification ain’t a bad idea.

It’s a pretty reliable protection against those pesky zombies… at least according to PopCap games.

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