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Kind Robber Returns Victim’s Money After Seeing Her Bank Account

It’s not clear if this story should be filed under “weird crimes” or “uplifting news.”


A robbery in China took a bizarre turn when a mugger returned back the money he stole from his victim. A CCTV footage captured in China’s Guangdong province shows the robber having a change of heart when he asked the lady to show him her account balance in the ATM machine moments after taking her money.

To his surprise, the lady had nothing left in her bank account – and that’s when the man’s greed suddenly turned into compassion. Instead of leaving the victim behind traumatized and without any money, he decided to return the cash.

In the video, the crook, who has been identified by his surname Deng, approached the woman with a knife while she was withdrawing money. Fearing for her life, Li immediately gave the man her cash.

Although the victim already complied to his demand and gave the 2,500 yuan (approx. USD 375.00) she has just withdrawn, the man still asked to see the victim’s ATM receipt, perhaps wanting to see how much more he could get from her.

After checking out the woman’s bank balance, the bad guy realized that his target is now officially broke. So he laughed, smiled, and handed her the cash back.

Well, this is certainly something you don’t see every day.

Now the thief is being called chivalrous by some netizens on social media. But his seemingly noble gesture did not save him from his crime as local authorities eventually caught and arrested him.

However, he has since become an internet sensation after numerous netizens praised him for being merciful.

We strive every day to earn enough money to buy our needs, wants, and to save for the future. But it’s moments like this that show us that sometimes, not having money in your bank account can instead be a blessing.

Watch the video here:

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Woman Shares Grandad’s Strict ‘Boyfriend Rules’

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Creative Dad Designs T-shirt To Trick His Son Into Giving Him A Back Massage

He calls it “The T-shirt that gets you a massage from your kids just by plopping down on the floor.”

Although being a parent is already a tough job, most moms and dads have work to deal with as well. So parents are coming up with creative ways to cope with the demands of everyday life.

One of these tired parents is Ken Kawamoto, who has a Twitter handle @kenkawakenkenkem. The Japanese dad has a son who likes trains a lot. Kawamoto decided to make his son happy and for him to relax at the same time. As a Google software engineer, Kawamoto easily finds the perfect way to do it.

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Tiny Dog Chases Google Earth Car, Photobombs Street View Camera

This is probably the cutest and most hilarious car chase ever captured on Google Maps!

Google Maps is a great way to find the actual street view of certain locations and sometimes, to simply amuse yourself. After all, the camera has captured hundreds of people doing strange things. However, one tiny dog has gone viral after it chased a Google Earth car and photobombed several street view images.

The unidentified dog spotted the Google Earth car in Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture. The pooch was initially curious upon seeing the vehicle but immediately started giving chase. It certainly looks like the pup is enjoying the run as it photobombs every photo taken by the camera. However, some of the pictures also show the dog looking a little frustrated that it couldn't catch the car.

The tiny dog spots the Google Earth car ...

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