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Boy’s Lost Teddy Bear With Recorded Message From Deceased Mom Is Finally Found




  • A little boy lost his beloved teddy bear while on vacation in the city of Airdrie in Alberta, Canada.
  • The boy’s stepmom immediately took to social media to beg for the toy’s return and netizens were quick to take action.
  • The precious teddy bear was one-of-a-kind because it contained a recorded message from the boy’s deceased mother.

As children, we all have a toy that we love so much that we simply refuse to give it up. So when one little boy lost his teddy bear that had a recorded message from his deceased mother, people immediately sprang into action. Luckily, the misplaced bear has been found and about to be reunited with its owner.

The MacMasters family was recently in Airdrie in Alberta, Canada for a vacation. When it was finally time to go back home to Nova Scotia, they realized that seven-year-old Duncan had accidentally left behind his beloved teddy bear. The stuffed animal was truly special to the little boy because it had a recorded message from his birth mom who had passed away. Duncan’s stepmother Ranelle MacMaster immediately took to social media to ask Airdrie residents to help them locate the missing bear.

Have you seen this teddy bear?

Amazingly, it didn’t take long before the teddy bear was located. Heidi Erickson, a resident of Airdrie, was dropping off her son and his friend at Nose Creek Park when she discovered Duncan’s backpack along with the precious bear by the entrance.

Erickson shared:

“There was no backpack where I found it when I dropped them off, but when I returned, this backpack was hanging on a post. I saw it and thought that looks so familiar, but I knew it wasn’t my kid’s backpack. It occurred to me that maybe it was the backpack from this story. I went and opened it and the bear was inside. I was in such disbelief.”

Heidi with the precious teddy bear.

Netizens were quick to identify the bear, which has finally been shipped back to a delighted Duncan, who has been “feeling really sad” for several days for missing Momma Bear.

The MacMasters with Momma Bear.

Ranelle MacMaster gave a statement to thank everyone who made the teddy bear’s return possible.

“We are so thankful for all the caring people who shared the posts, went out searching for the bear, and sent their well-wishes for her safe return,” she said. “We are so happy to have momma bear back.”

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