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Starship Technologies Unveil World’s First Self-Driving Delivery Robot





Recently, a London-based startup has unveiled a new technology that could possibly revolutionize the way deliveries are done. Starship Technologies, a company established by two Skype co-founders, introduced the world’s first self-driving delivery robot.

The 6-wheeled robot weighs 40 pounds and can run up to 4 mph. Starship Technologies say it is capable of making local deliveries in at least 30 minutes or less.

Companies can save big bucks by using this self-driving delivery robot.

starship-technologies-delivery-robot 1

Photo credit: Starship Technologies

With this innovative tech in place, companies will be able to eliminate human involvement in the delivery process which, in turn, dramatically reduces potential costs and helps them save big bucks.

And there’s no need to worry about whether the goods will reach the customers or not. As explained by Ahti Heinla, chief executive of Starship Technologies:

“The robots will cross the streets very much like the humans do: stop, look both ways, and wait until it is safe to cross. The robot can recognize approaching cars with its sensor suite from 100-200 meters and will cross the streets only in locations with great visibility.”

Starship maps out areas beforehand so that the delivery robot can easily navigate the neighborhood on their own. Difficult situations, on the other hand, will be handled by a human remote operator.

With its app, the robot can be tracked and opened only by a customer.

starship-technologies-delivery-robot 2

Photo credit: Starship Technologies

Once the robot is already on its way, the customer can track its location and progress by using an app. Upon arrival at the address, the customer will receive an alert as well. The locked cargo, on the other hand, can only be opened with the help of the app.

Thus, stealing the robot (or its goods) can be nearly impossible.

starship-technologies-delivery-robot 3

Photo credit: Starship Technologies

The robot’s security features are very practical and impressive, too. Heinla warned:

“If somebody bothers the robot, the operator can actually shout — ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ If somebody tries to steal something the operator can actually yell ‘The police are coming in five minutes! We know your location, you’re being filmed as well.'”

Watch the video here:

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Starship Technologies said that a pilot study has been scheduled for 2016 in Greenwich, London. Currently, the start-up is already in talks with interested companies . Aside from improving its speed, Starship is also aiming to build future models with thermal insulation so the delivery bots can carry hot foods in the near future – such as pizza!


H/T: WashingtonPost

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