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Hotel Guest Asks for Room Service. When He Opened the Door, a ROBOT was There to Do the Job!





How would you like a robot to serve all your needs while checked in at a hotel? If you say, that is impossible, well we have proof that it isn’t! This innovation is possible, and is now available at the Aloft Silicon Valley Hotel in Newark, California.

The video below is a perfect example of the one-of-a-kind hotel service. We assume that the guest requested for towels and toothpaste. Through the screen display panel found at the ‘head’ of the robot, the robot communicates with the guest efficiently. It instructs the guests to get the requested items, as a compartment opens at the back part of the robot. It even asks for feedback by asking the guest to rate how it did. The guest can choose between 1-5 stars by tapping on the touch screen display panel. It is just genius!

Watch the video:

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Source: Twisted Sifter

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